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Welcome Gintama fans! :) To the... THE MAL GINTAMA ALLIANCE This club is for discussions about everything related to Gintama, including news, chapters, episodes, parodies and anything you love or notice about this series that may pique yours or others interests.
  1. Everyone here must be nice or respectful to each other, keep things as positive as possible, especially those that are new.
  2. Be yourself- This the most important one, I ask people to be as upbeat and cheerful as possible, Gintama isn't always serious and I'll be d*mned if the club was. Just have fun.
  3. Conversations, forum, and discussions do not have to be limited to Gintama, but please try to keep that as the main focus.
  4. Anyone is allowed to create their own forum or thread.
  5. Tsukuyo is the best female character and Gintoki's future wife, as a member of the club you are not allowed to disagree with this statement. XD (Don't take this one seriously lol...)
Enjoy! :)

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legal streaming for Gintama movies
Hermon - Apr 12, 2018
0 replies by Hermon »»
Apr 12, 2018 6:30 AM
Gintama. Has. Returned.
Draconix814 - Jan 7, 2018
2 replies by Milki-zuri »»
Jan 21, 2018 6:14 AM
The King of Comedy is back, and this is why I'm not worried.
Draconix814 - Oct 1, 2017
1 replies by ThatRayGuy_ »»
Oct 2, 2017 7:26 AM
Poll: Your Opinions: Gintama's "Porori Arc" to be adapting previously not animated comedy arcs/ skits.
Draconix814 - Sep 11, 2017
1 replies by Wiziliz »»
Sep 12, 2017 7:39 AM
We've all been skeptical, but...
Draconix814 - Jul 27, 2017
6 replies by Draconix814 »»
Jul 28, 2017 2:36 PM

Club Comments
pawlenei | Jan 16, 2019 12:56 AM
It's been 8 years the first i fell in love with Gintama! So glad there's an updated club to join to ♥

zhrid | Feb 17, 2018 6:03 AM
omg just finished the recent episode with prince baka hahaha this is truly a masterpiece and there will be always haters, but gintama doesn't give a f* since it's popular and will return on the MAL list over and over again.

YorozuyaShinChan | Jul 12, 2017 4:17 PM
Hello, can I be the main character?
Just kidding. . . Not really.

Sentokoi | Jun 11, 2017 1:48 PM
So glad that there's a club for Gintama :')

needanimen0w | Nov 29, 2016 7:18 AM
i love gintama but it's to bad it's not that popular even here on MAL

Gintoki-tan | Aug 9, 2016 11:13 PM
Thanks for the invitaion :)
Seriously haters have some strawberry milk XD

Zaphkiel_El_Rem | Jul 25, 2016 8:24 PM
@Rakib_Hasan That's too hardboiled.

B1K4R | Jul 25, 2016 8:08 AM
Gintoki x Madao is the best

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