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Do you constantly get ridiculed for having REALLY unorthodox taste in anime? Are you a shounen fan that loves Fairy Tail, yet hates Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece? Maybe you are a casual who hates Code Geass and loves Spice and Wolf? Maybe you are an elitist who loves Elfen Lied and hates Evangelion? If you suffer from anime critic insanity like this, the UCCTBT is the club for you! This club was created as a place where critics can discuss any opinions, free from fear that they will be mocked or scorned for going against MAL dogma. All club relations are voted on by the entire club with only those winning above 50% of the votes being added.

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Poll: Outlaw Star
literaturenerd - Mar 26
1 replies by Lil-Bird »»
Mar 26, 5:44 PM
Things you hate with a fiery passion that are critically acclaimed ( 1 2 3 )
SassyBryan - Oct 22, 2015
118 replies by Hanzatsu92 »»
Mar 16, 7:06 PM
Poll: Kaiba
literaturenerd - Jan 18
10 replies by Ezekiel_01 »»
Mar 10, 9:04 PM
If you could keep one anime from ever being created, what would it be?
lawlmartz - Jul 27, 2015
28 replies by Dragevard »»
Jan 18, 6:30 PM
Poll: Initial D Poll
literaturenerd - Sep 30, 2020
4 replies by Ezekiel_01 »»
Oct 7, 2020 9:39 AM

Club Comments
Atlos | Jul 4, 11:13 AM
clannad bad

Ezekiel_01 | Jun 21, 11:52 PM
Been awhile since I last post my Review Here


NextUniverse | Jun 5, 7:09 PM
Considering how little to nothing may as well be the future of this club, I might as well promote.

Tasteless-casual | Jun 5, 3:32 PM
oh another 90's ova. It might be golden awful. I will add it to plan to watch for later XD .

literaturenerd | Jun 5, 3:12 PM
I've really not been active lately on this club, for which I apologize. However, I would like to take this time to promote my new review of Kimera:

Ezekiel_01 | May 16, 9:41 PM
>Posted an old review of tatami galaxy of mine on the website again. As today is a festival in my country.

Upvoted. Tatami Galaxy is My favorite

Ezekiel_01 | May 16, 9:39 PM
>Goodness me, what the hell did Madoka Magica do to you guys.

Nothing special really aside from proving you can actually make a Deus Ex Machina on Top of a Deus Ex Machina making whatever happens in the previous timeline irrelevant.

Tasteless-casual | May 15, 8:03 AM
Posted an old review of tatami galaxy of mine on the website again. As today is a festival in my country.

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