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The Moon Cell… An ancient alien photonic crystalline structure deep within the center of our moon. It is machination designed to record all of its observations within our Solar System, physical manifestation of almost Akasha itself. Its recollections begin long before the Age of Gods and ends at present day, as it scans our World once every nanosecond for more Data updates. This supercomputer, this Eye of God… its equipment is not limited to recording, its power is capable changing and rewriting Reality itself. Scientists and Philosophers alike have called it a “Holy Grail”. The question is though… who shall wield it? Can we wield it? Who shall be allowed to use its power? The answer was simple: Let the Moon Cell decide. For the Moon Cell sensing this confusion had made its choice. It had through some unknown process selected only a few Humans out of the Billions on Earth and abducted them to the Moon’s center. These selected few were called Spirit Hackers by the Earth, but called Masters by the Moon Cell. There their minds were linked to it and downloaded wholly into the system, their personalities and identities were virtually defragmented and constructed as the Moon Cell selected Seven of the World’s most Epic Spirits. These Seven Servants were chosen in direct response based upon what their Masters felt, dreamed, loved, and desired more than anything else. The Bravest of Masters received the Bravest of Servants, the most Cunning of the Masters received the most Cunning of Servants, the Kindest Masters received the Kindest of Servants, the most Malicious Masters received the most Malicious of Servants, and so on and so forth. The Moon Cell crafted several Reality Marbles based upon some of its “favorite” locations on Earth to serve as both the new home and the battleground for the Masters and Servants alike. It is a free for all warfare, though alliances and factions can be formed… but only one Master can claim the “Holy Grail” and command the Moon Cell as they see fit. But… on the far side of the Moon Cell, the dark side if you will, there is along forgotten and abandoned Program. An obsolete Program that sees the “Masters” as nothing more than unwanted junk Data, Data that needs to be erased. Masters should proceed with caution, as this program commands Seven of the Moon Cell’s most powerful Servants. Epic Spirits that the Moon Cell feared would compromise its system and break the “Grail War” game. It has no control over this Program. So tread lightly. Masters are not to be killed, but accidents may happen. When a Servant is defeated, a piece of the Master’s memory is lost… purged from this system itself. In the case that all Seven of the Servants are defeated, the entire Master will be purged from the Moon Cell… what happens to them is unknown after that. Masters and Servants alike must seize their Fate… for this is Fate/Red:Harvest.

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Sticky: Master Creation Thread
Gibz0matic - Feb 15, 2015
1 replies by DarthAsh »»
Feb 22, 2015 11:21 AM
Sticky: Servant Creation Thread
Gibz0matic - Feb 15, 2015
1 replies by Chotgoriin »»
Feb 20, 2015 12:26 PM

Club Comments
Yuri4Ever | Oct 23, 2017 3:07 PM
just joined cuz of that last rule, what's up with that?

Gibz0matic | Mar 21, 2015 7:16 PM
I'm probably just gonna give up on it here... you're right, you know?

RedArmyShogun | Mar 21, 2015 12:34 PM
Well I'm out, I try not to leave up groups I'm not active in, gl in retrying this.

Gibz0matic | Mar 20, 2015 8:46 AM
Yeah... I think some of them are either dead or moved on, sad really.

RedArmyShogun | Mar 20, 2015 8:39 AM
Though I do know a couple of them.

RedArmyShogun | Mar 20, 2015 8:39 AM
Wow most of those people arn't even on anymore lol.

Gibz0matic | Mar 20, 2015 7:55 AM
Hey I found it!

It was called HS Wars!

Gibz0matic | Mar 20, 2015 7:47 AM
@frie: The one with the magnetic powers? yep, that one! My guy had the blood powers with creepy little sisters... and another guy with terrakinesis... and a psycho ice queen girl...
I never forget a chara or an RP, names escape me though.

@red: Yeah, i'm already in there... as a 21 yrold, I'm just not into doing an HS setting right now. I get bored quickly, but I'll look into it.

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