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Hey guys! Joey The Anime Man here! This is my official club on MyAnimeList! If you love anime, manga and anything in between then you're welcome to talk about anything and everything! :3 Respect others, avoid spoilers where you can, and have fun! ༼ つ ◕w◕ ༽つ JYAANE!

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Introduce yourself! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
DaZinga - Jan 20, 2015
310 replies by Habladabla1 »»
Sep 9, 7:20 PM
Which anime/manga character(s) are most like you?
kurokitty-mimi - Feb 22, 2016
14 replies by mello_s-waifu »»
Sep 6, 8:38 AM
What are your top 3 Anime series, movies or manga and why?
JordanNT - Jul 29, 2015
15 replies by mello_s-waifu »»
Aug 21, 3:20 AM
Favorite Anime Characters
daze3x - Mar 19, 2016
7 replies by mello_s-waifu »»
Aug 21, 3:12 AM
Favorite quote
-Pancakeface - Oct 26, 2015
19 replies by mello_s-waifu »»
Aug 21, 3:00 AM

Club Comments
Kalvus | Aug 13, 2:08 AM
Inuyashki is on my PTW. Sounds quite interesting

Chicken11 | Jul 14, 4:56 PM
How many of you guys have seen Inuyashki? Just wanted to know your thoughts on it?

lemongab | Jul 13, 12:51 PM

native-alligator | Jul 10, 3:37 AM
mangas are underrated

Kenshin1303 | Jul 7, 7:31 AM
Tomodachi ni narou

Palehorse8888 | Apr 15, 2:13 AM
don't know if any one watched this show before it was called Gangsta., but it to me it was very good one of my favorite honestly never got another season but if any one has watched it whats you're opinion on it

KamiNekoKai | Apr 13, 11:58 AM
Just finished Violet Evergarden... So happy to watch it. Cried my eyes out on almost every episode.

LibriLector | Apr 10, 2:22 PM
Seirei no Moribito has the most badass, non-sexualized, realistic female MC I've ever seen. It was awesome. Actually, every single character in this anime was so well written, it blew all my predictions out of the water. There was not a single cliche character that did dumb stuff just to incite more drama. It was amazing.

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