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Shizuka Hio (緋桜 閑, Hiō Shizuka) was the Pureblood vampire who bit Zero Kiryu. Even for a Pureblood, her fellow vampires felt uneasy around her and referred to her as the "Flowers-blooming-out-of-season princess" or "Kuruizaki-hime." Shizuka means calm​ and silent. As for Hio, the Hi means scarlet, and o for cherry blossoms. With her nickname Kuruizaki-hime, Kuruizaki means flowers blooming out of season, and hime means princess. Her name means making the most of the previous time we have with our loved ones. She usually appeared calm and composed, and smiled as if amused when taunting or talking to Zero. Her gentle movements gave her a striking presence. Cherry blossoms often accompany her presence, even if they should be out of season, like when she first met the Kiryu twins. While possessing Maria Kurenai's body, Ichiru notes that her actions in Maria's body were different than her normal calm and composed demeanor, such as when she playfully toys around with Ichiru's feelings and when she interacts with the Night Class. This shows a bit of Shizuka's playful side, even though Ichiru seemed displeased with it. An example of this was when Shizuka (possessed in Maria's body) kissed Ichiru out of fun, which leads to Ichiru telling her not to do it again. Shizuka was locked in a cage and kept in isolation the moment after she was born. Everyone claimed it was to protect a rare, exotic, beautiful creature such as herself because the Hio family had a sad history of going berserk. She was also engaged to Rido Kuran, but she refused to submit to him. She was given human sacrifices daily as food. On one such occasion, the sacrifice glared at her and she considered him different to all the others. She decided to talk to him instead of devouring him and became strongly attached to him. She eventually turned him into a vampire but he did not forgive her for it until the very end. At some point, Kaname Kuran visited her. Shizuka later commented that she pitied him as the next leader of the Kurans. Shizuka proposed the idea of an escape to her lover, who reluctantly followed her and stayed with her. She believed he did so because he had no other place to go. Her lover was later put on the execution list as a dangerous Level E vampire, even though Shizuka had prevented his fall to Level E by giving him her blood as his master. His life was ended by Zero Kiryu's parents. Enraged and vengeful, she attacked the Kiryu family, killing both parents, biting Zero to curse him, and taking Zero's twin, Ichiru Kiryu, with her. After she regained her senses, she realized who the real enemy was.

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