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We rose,we depart,we Rise again! Our anime list on Ani-Comedy from Cartoon Network was here: 2003 First Era •Love Hina(first comedic anime on Cartoon Network) •Hamtaro(Reruns) •FLCL(Reruns) •Kodacha 2004 •Strawberry Marshmallow •School Rumble •Fruits Basket •Kanon 2005 •School Rumble(2nd season) •Air •Girls High •A Little Fairy Named Sugar •Excel Saga(Heavily Edited) •Bo Bo Bobo(Reruns) •Azumanga Daioh 2006-2008 Final Era •Pani Poni Dash! •Hidamari Sketch •The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya(Season 1 only due to Ani-Comedy's Cancellation on 2008) •Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette •Potemayo •Kanon (2006) •Soreyuke Tetsunoshin •Lucky Star 2014 Revival •Little Women(uncut)(1987) •The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya(Season 2) •Nisekoi •Oh Edo Rocket! •Good Luck Girl!! •Mayoi Neko Overrun •Lucky Star(Uncut) •Haganai(Edited) •Nichijou •Petit Eva •Please Kill Me Baby •Chitose Get You! 2015 •Working!! •NouCome •Swiss Family Robinson(uncut) • Is The Order A Rabbit?! (Easter Only:all 12 episodes) •HaganaiNEXT •Yurumates •Yurumates 3D •YuruYuri •Nisekoi(Season 2) •Binchotan •Disappearance of Nagato-Yuki-Chan •Working!!! • Classroom Crisis •Ai Mai Mii •I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying 2016 •Kotoura San •K-ON! •Working'!! •Puchimas Idolm@ster Movies •Love Hina the movie •The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya •Issudate My Santa •Beyond The Boundary:I'll Be There •Beyond The Boundary: Second Rise •The World God Only Knows •AnoHana:That Flower we saw that day •K-ON! The Movie •Love Hina the christmas special •Little Women(1980) •Hamtaro's Big Adventure •School Rumble the Vacation [*url=][*IMG][/IMG][/url] Check us out and like us on Facebook And watch us and fanart on deviantart Ani-Ami: Warning! The New lineup will make you pee your pants. Yumia: Then we will repeat it again and again! Yuuko: BRING IT ON! Haruhi: Oh Yeah! Jo: Lets Do This! Ani-Ami: Haruhi starts the club at 5:00. Yuki: Got It. Yumia: Then The Crazyness expands with Nichijou at 5:30! Hayase: There We Go! Ani-Ami: Then we serve up some Working!! At 6:00! Popura: That's Great! Yumia: Our March Sisters Are Doing their lives with Uncut Little Women at 6:30! Polly: What A Stupid Little Girl! Amy: Shut Up! Ani-Ami: Nisekoi is back with a new season and more Teams at 7:00 as a world premiere. Chitoge: You Got To Be kidding me. Raku: I'm not! Yumia: Haganai NEXT has the Friends joining up at 7:30! Sena: I feel Better! Ani-Ami: Konata and her friends imagine with Uncut Lucky Star at 8:00. Konata: Perfect! Yumia: and NouCome Finishes off at 8:30. Chocolat: (Surprised) Kanade: You Ok? Ani-Ami: you think we got it?! Sakamoto: (Meow) Ani-Ami: Ani-Comedy! Every Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm! Yumia: Only on Cartoon Network! (Multiple scenes of Nisekoi,Little Women,Lucky Star,Haruhi) (Cartoon Network Logo shows up) (CN Ani-Comedy jingle) Anyone sad of SOAC Defunct? Don't worry. We have Little Women uncut/remastered/HD for you, and Swiss Family Robinson is going uncut/HD/Remastered this August along with YuruYuri! Anyone excited for Nagato Yuki Chan?!

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Your very own Ani-Comedy Lineup
Bakuformer00 - Apr 4, 2015
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Apr 4, 2015 8:14 PM
Weird thing happened on Smile Of A Child
Bakuformer00 - Jan 11, 2015
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Jan 11, 2015 3:11 PM

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