[Possible Spoilers] Most Overrated/Underrated Club V. 0

This is the most overrated/underrated club, currently featuring:
Most Overrated/Underrated Anime - glacial discussion and nonexistent debate
Anime Thought of The Day..? - anytalk <<<<<<<<< click here <<<<<<<<<<<<<< come grab a bite!!
The Zerg 2015 2016 Anime Challenge - masochism and pretty badges
Gundam Thought of the Week - putrid circlejerk
Zerg's ATOTD Anime - A Slice of Life/Mecha/Sci-Fi/Yuri/Yaoi/Harem/LN Adaptation of Mega Proportions
& various wonderful ongoing community participation events. [The Pacific, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, reading books, One Piece]

As a centrepiece of the Anime Discussion forum, the Most Overrated/Underrated thread was a constant and shining attraction to the citizens of MAL. Having reached a point of exhaustion, those halcyon days have now passed us by, but we hope to carry on that culture of discussion, debate, conversation, and stimulating socialisation.

The O/U Club is place for O/U thread veterans and newcomers alike. We strive to do justice to our rich and abundant heritage that has brought untold wealth unto the denizens of MAL. We also moonlight as a gossip club.

A short history:
The O/U Club is a continuation of a grand tradition of O/U threads that can be directly traced back to the middling months of 2008. Since that time there were many ebbs and flows until in the year of 2014, when there was an exponential rise in user participation. This voracious growth eventually resulted in the eventual untimely demise of the V.4, which brings us to the present day: the O/U Club heralds the continuation of those glory days. Thus we continue to examine the varying nuances of the over and under in studious pursuit of a state of perfect ratings.

mclovinballz said:
It's basically a place where you circlejerk with your clique and shit talk about others outside of your clique. The good clubs talk shit about people inside the clique though

Zergneedsfood said:
fst said:
I'm first on the list
Some things never change.

Like how we're bound to be together forever.

New features coming soon!

What are books?

Prudish Membership Policy:

We're public, but if you're only here to stir up stupid shit, the consequences are obvious.

Currently looking for World Trigger fans and World of Tanks players. Apply now and get a lifetime O/U membership, guaranteed!

Boring details aside, feel free to jump right in:

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Club Comments
Gholy | Oct 6, 3:50 PM
That's a good question lol

fst | Oct 4, 5:04 PM
gholy are you in the 10% or the 90%

Botato | Oct 4, 2:12 PM
Because the more we have, the more people we are likely to get posting.

Gholy | Oct 4, 1:49 PM
Why does the member count even matter when less than 10% actually post?

ReaperCreeper | Oct 1, 9:07 PM
We've been back at 500 for a while now.

Botato | Oct 1, 1:28 PM

Also btw we're back to 500 members.


Akito_Kinomoto | Oct 1, 11:55 AM
Not gonna lie I thought "O/U" was referring to Pokemon tiers kappa

fst | Sep 26, 5:00 PM
not this shit again paolo

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