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Nine months before the sixty year lapse between the Third Holy Grail War, and the highly anticipated Fourth Holy Grail War, disaster struck as a group of heretical Magi calling themselves "The Coven" launched a full-scale attack on the Einzbern castle, successfully routing the castle's occupants, scattering what they didn't kill, and kidnapped the Homunculus designed to house the Holy Grail after the true vessel's destruction during the events of the Third Holy Grail War. By the time Enforcers and Executors arrived on-scene, no trace was left behind of the enigmatic "Coven", save for an untracable carving declaring their name etched into the face of the castle ruins. Over the next several months, the heretical Magi managed to elude both Magus Association and Holy Church as they went to work torturing the Homunculus into performing the Third Magic with the Einzbern Mystic Code, the Dress of Heaven, to bend the Grail to their will, to restrict the summoning of the unimaginable power of the Servants to them and them alone. The declining condition of the Homunculus caused by the nearing of the War's beginning caused this process to become eaven easier for the heretical Magi, who earned full submission from the Homunculus within the first three months of capture. However, when the delicate Third Magic rituals were finally performed, the incomplete knowledge of the Homunculus proved to be the operation's downfall, resulting in the full separation of piece of Heaven's Feel she had been trying to manipulate, rather than a successful rewiring. Siezing a an opportunity, the Homunculus wielded the following chaos to her advantage by initiating the reserve system of the Greater Grail, enabling the summon of an additional set of Seven Servants, though was interrupted by the Magician leader of "The Coven" exersicing his own knowledge of Third Magic over the Grail in an attempt to rectify the activation of the reserve system, and salvage the operation. With unforeseen consequences. The Grail, yanked in both directions, lashed out at both Magician and Homunculus, inflicting serious, though nonfatal wounds in an effort to preserve itself. But the damage had already been done; The faulty activation of the reserve system caused the Grail to begin granting Servants to summonings that should otherwise have gone ignored, with the true damage the battle of Magics had caused going unnoticed for weeks before multiple Servants of the same class began appearing, marking the start of the tragedy that was now about to rock the world. The Coven, seeing this as their golden opportunity, began amending their plans to accommodate for the new broken Grail, while the Association and Church began scrambling to find a way to deal with the situation. So, too, did other Magus across the world begin to notice the strange phenomenon, with rumors trickling down the lines of the magical world, enticing the boldest among them to participate in this greatest of Wars. Some came seeking seeking fame and to prove themselves. Others, the realization of their wish, while yet more saw a golden opportunity to end the days of cowering in the merciless shadow of the Association. Revolution loomed on the horizon, begging only one question; Which side will you take?
This Roleplay is set in the Russian City of Khavastikha. Khavastikha is a big city with almost a million citizens. It is nestled in a valley among a chain of mountains that limit it to the North, East and West. To the South, however, the terrain is pretty even, opening into a bunch of grasslands and a fairly large lake to the South-West. The Southern limit of the city is also home to the industrial district and Khavastikha's very own international airport. The city is developing a subway system, though at the moment only one line is available with several others left unfinished for the moment due to a worker's strike. Even though this is an industrial city, the chain of mountains has ensured that much of nature has been left untouched. The Northern limit of the city, for instance, is home to several untouched valleys and forests, and scattered all around the city one can find many little parks. The city's Western limit houses the ruins of Old Town. A remnant of Khavastika past that suffered heavy damage during WW2. There are plan to renovate the area, but work has yet to start. It is a den for the homeless, criminals and those on the run.

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