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Ruki (10), in the beginning of the series, sees Digimon as nothing more than mere computer data built for fighting, wanting her partner, Renamon, to be the strongest Digimon in the world. She attempts to strengthen Renamon by battling any realizing Digimon and having Renamon download their data after defeating them, but is frustrated at Renamon's lack of control over Evolution. Eventually she realizes that the two must be on equal partnership and friendship. Ruki claims that she plans to spend the rest of her life training Digimon, and has no career plans other than that. She is a bit bitter and slightly antisocial, but Takato Matsuda and Jenrya Lee manage to bring out the best in her. She lost a tournament to Ryo Akiyama two years before the series begins, which explains why she seems to resent him when she first meets him in the Digital World. After Ryo's disappearance, Ruki wins the title "Digimon Queen". Rukia takes Juri Katou under her wing teaching her about Digimon cards and Digimon Taming when Juri becomes a Tamer. Before becoming best friends with them, Ruki often picks on Takato and Jenrya because of their emotional attachments to their Digimon Guilmon and Terriermon, believing that such attachments make them weak, and unsuccessfully attempts to force them into battling Renamon. She continues to do so until she herself forms a friendship with Renamon. Soon after deciding that Digimon can be both fighters and friends, Ruki states that she doesn't feel like picking on Takato and Jenrya anymore and can't remember why she was so angry. Ruki's relationship with Renamon is unusual, more as a human contemporary than either a pet (like Guilmon was) or a playful child (like Terriermon). Renamon is very protective of Ruki, preferring to follow her around as a lookout for danger than to play or eat all day as many other Tamers' Digimon do. At one point in the plotline, Ruki and Renamon estrange themselves from one another because Renamon doesn't think she needs Ruki to become stronger and Ruki doesn't think Digimon are worth the trouble they cause. Ruki's proud, independent, grouchy and cynical personality is substantially different from most of the female characters in the series. The exact reasons for this are unknown, although her mother seems unusually young and her father is absent (see below). However, the creators of the Digimon Tamers series have noted that Ruki's father's absence has nothing to do with Ruki's "twisted" personality. Ruki's mother is a famous model, and constantly pushes Ruki to worry more about her appearance, taking her to camera tests and buying "girly" outfits for her to wear (all of which Ruki push away angrily). Ruki lives with her mother and her grandmother (her father is never seen in the series, but shown briefly in The Runaway Digimon Express when Ruki is possessed by a Parisimon) and rarely obeys either of them. Neither ever punish her for this. Ruki's grandmother tries to relate to Ruki, but Ruki refuses to let her. Later, Ruki's grandmother discovers Renamon's existence and dubs her Ruki's "kitsune". She seems not at all surprised that Ruki is a tamer, and promises Ruki that she will keep her departure to the Digital World secret from Ruki's mother. Ruki is shocked that her grandmother is so understanding, and from then on is kinder and more open about her feelings to her grandmother. Just before Ruki's battle with the D-Reaper, Ruki's mother buys Ruki a T-shirt with a full heart on it to replace the broken-heart one Ruki usually wears. She says it is for good luck, and has bought a pink version of it for herself. Ruki is touched and smiles at her mother before leaving. At the end of the series, Jenrya's father, one of the first hackers to program Digimon as a form of artificial life, is forced to trigger a program that wipes out all Digimon in the real world in order to destroy the D-Reaper, a haywire cleanup program wreaking havoc on the real world. The program works, but in the process Renamon, Guilmon, Terriermon, and the other tamers' digimon are forcibly de-evolved to the point that they will be destroyed unless they return to the Digital World. The Digimon return to the Digital World, leaving their tamers wondering if they will ever see them again. Ruki seems torn at the parting, and sheds tears, something she rarely does because she prefers to avoid open displays of emotion. As shown in the bonus episode The Runaway Digimon Express, however, the tamers do reunite with their digimon after some time (presumably via a portal to the Digital World discovered by Takato during the series' epilogue). Ruki dislikes wearing dresses, does not own any lower clothing besides jeans (as noted by her grandmother), and is convinced that there is nothing more important than being the best. She usually wears a yellow-turtlenecked T-shirt with a broken heart on the front, with short button-fly blue jeans, red wrist bands, red steel-toed sneakers, and buckles around her waist and leg. She prefers to wear her hair in a ponytail but takes it down when she is dressing up. She is also described as "beautiful" by her mother's cameraman. As the season goes on Ruki seems to grow attached to impmon. In episode 20 "The last resort is This! Blue Card of Friendship", Ruki tells Jenrya she is worried about Impmon being alright after the previous battle against a Deva. For when he left he was tired out and hurt from the battle when he didn't even stand a chance against the Deva. Also in the Episode Shining Evolution! Culumon's Release Ruki and Renamon left the Ark in search of Impmon.Once she came back she was carrying Impmon in her hands just making it to the Ark before it left towards the real world. During the series there are multiple times Ruki is shown being worried about Impmon. She seems to have a side to her that develops as the series progresses. This side is caring, concerned about others and a good person altogether.

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AugmentedTurnip | Dec 23, 2009 1:29 AM
Rika for the win. :D

SaraHussein | Sep 22, 2009 9:03 AM
Digimon was a great anime , I liked it ^.^

& Rika was my favourite character ^o^

SinfulZero | Sep 4, 2008 9:41 PM
Digimon was a wonder anime for me to Re-watch as last time since i was a little kid but watching it over brings back memories. my personal favorite charactor would be rika because although she has an atitude and can be very moody i think that would best fit her in this season! and about liking, i'd rather have rika like takato then ryo and takato shouldn't like jeri because shes too whiny. rika 4ever!

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