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Note: Every week there will be something new for the week, whether its a song, a recommended manga/anime, articles, pictures (but it'll most likely be a song). Not everything will be anime related. Anime Recommendation Of The Week! True Tears! Club Last Updated: 5/8/16

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New Item of the Week Recommendations!
Wasted_IG - Dec 3, 2015
21 replies by Windburns »»
Jun 3, 2016 7:44 PM
Returning To Our Roots!
Wasted_IG - Dec 1, 2015
14 replies by Windburns »»
Mar 23, 2016 5:40 PM
ManOverboard - Mar 11, 2016
3 replies by Windburns »»
Mar 23, 2016 1:11 PM
New Club Name!
Wasted_IG - Feb 23, 2016
12 replies by yorokobi826 »»
Mar 14, 2016 4:33 AM
Guess the anime
ManOverboard - Aug 10, 2014
14 replies by ManOverboard »»
Feb 23, 2016 1:35 PM

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Club Comments
ManOverboard | Oct 20, 2016 9:09 AM
Lol i totally forgot about this forum :D

firefractal | Sep 2, 2016 10:50 PM
It is ded

yorokobi826 | Aug 30, 2016 1:50 AM
what happened here??..

looks dead ..




ManOverboard | Jun 8, 2016 4:58 AM
Where did weekly recommendations gone?

Windburns | Jun 3, 2016 7:43 PM
Hello, finished moving.

Wasted_IG | May 8, 2016 5:41 PM
So for this week, for the first time in awhile, we have an anime recommendation. True Tears is one of my favorites. I love romance animes that arent full of fanservice. True Tears has a great heart warming and tear jerking storyline to it and if you're into love triangles with more than three people well then youre in luck!

Wasted_IG | May 2, 2016 11:15 AM
New recommendation for this week brought to you by the lovely Windburns! An indie alternative band by the name of Generationals. Not too bad, soothing relaxing music to jam to!

Wasted_IG | Apr 28, 2016 11:47 AM
But I love the rain, it's my inspiration :( I havent watched any anime is almost two years. I just getting back into it again. I recently watched glasslip and true tears. Right now I'm currently watching kokoro connect and it's really good.

@Windburns. Im taking summer classes too T__T I'm only taking two so it won't be too bad however once I start my summer job its going to get crazy.

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