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Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime discussion
Rei-Kun - Apr 17, 2018
1 replies by Rei-Kun »»
Apr 17, 2018 12:11 PM
Balt29 - Jun 4, 2014
11 replies by BlackMoonsShadow »»
Apr 30, 2017 9:37 AM

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Lov_Anime_review | Jun 23, 3:26 PM
hi guys if you could drop a like and a follow on my anime page guts_drip it would mean a lot to me i really appreciate it :)))

E-Mand | May 23, 9:29 AM
On a technical standpoint, i very much agree that the manga is nowhere near perfect, especially :re. In my opinion there is a huge problem with creating interest in the new cast from the start of :re. In the later chapters the whole arrangement of the battlefield can easily become a convoluted mess which becomes a headache to follow and the over the top ending to the story can, to a certain point, be very off-putting, considering how off the spectrum to the story it can seem. But this is where i agree with you that.. tho there might be flaws to the story, what really matters is personal preference. While i for the most part like to look at things from a technical standpoint, Tokyo Ghoul is one of those exceptions where i have an emotional connection to the piece, giving the titel its sort of.. "flavor", which is the reason as to why i personally like the title so much :)

Lov_Anime_review | May 22, 3:58 PM
man I'm angry that Tokyo ghoul manga gets hated so much like everyone is saying the re got rushed but I don't know I really enjoyed it and to me, it was a real masterpiece like all the feeling it translated to me its something that not every manga can do :)))

E-Mand | May 18, 8:21 AM
I'd recommend trying to give it a read aswell, if you want a further "enhanced" version of the story and a portrayal of which direction the author, Ishida Sui, originally wrote for the story, compared to the technically non-canon version of the series, that is √A :) @Melkaneki

Melkaneki | May 16, 12:52 PM
best anime ever I literally love it so sad first season definitely the best 🙏✌

E-Mand | Apr 4, 3:09 PM
@djacobsln I'd say you should definently read the manga. If you're really lazy, you can skip the first few volumes of the manga, since they dont differ much from the anime adaptation. I personally would recommend to do so however, since it's almost a different experience reading the story on top of Sui Ishida's panels. But if you dont feel like going through the first season again, in the manga format, then you'll be able to follow the story from where it takes off, after Kaneki turns.
The story is very different in the second half of the manga though, compared to √A, which is the sole purpose of reading the manga. If you're scared of being bored from reading the same story that you've already watched, then you're very wrong. The second half of the manga is a completely different story compared to the anime adaptation, and i'm very positive, that you'll enjoy reading the manga :)

djacobsln | Mar 27, 6:40 PM
Hey guys. I watched the hole anime and i'm in love with it.
do you find worth to read the manga if I already watched the anime?

Lexa_ebat | Oct 13, 2019 5:11 PM
Zdarova mujiki

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