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Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime discussion
Rei-Kun - Apr 17, 2018
1 replies by Rei-Kun »»
Apr 17, 2018 12:11 PM
Balt29 - Jun 4, 2014
11 replies by BlackMoonsShadow »»
Apr 30, 2017 9:37 AM

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Shayan_ken | May 12, 6:03 PM
Yes, you're right.. @E-Mand

glenn_22 | May 11, 3:52 AM
I don't know if I can post this here so if it's not delete this. but Sui Ishida's new manga: Choujin X 1st chapter was released !! some of the characters of look like the characters of Tokyo ghoul :3

E-Mand | May 10, 2:06 PM
I do think, that for the people where the series sat something within them, we'll continue to look back upon the series when reading or watching a different series. Wether it's within the medium of anime or not. But yeah.. unless Sui Ishida pushes out more content related to the series then there wont really be anything new to talk about when it comes to the series. We have gotten some games over the years, most of them have been in what i would personally call: "poor quality". So yeah.. the fandom will most likely only survive through the few people who are desperate to find SOME form of content related to the series


Anafu-Sama | Apr 23, 10:18 PM
Wassup everyone!?

Shayan_ken | Mar 30, 3:52 AM
I do agree with your answer, but it seems like we really cannot do anything about the franchise now... Well, it was perhaps a nice experience after all and an interesting one.. But I really do hope that the fandom stays alive in the future though...

E-Mand | Sep 5, 2020 5:05 AM
I generally dont really agree with this take; In my opinion the adaptation of :re works well as an adaptation of the source material. The problem that lies within the :re anime is general problems with the story of :re. For many people the sudden change of setting, characters, style and story direction turns off a lot of people. I tried watching the entirety of the Tokyo Ghoul anime with my girlfriend and to her, it was way easier getting into the first season and rootA, while sudden change of "feel" to :re turned her off from the series. She is someone who has no prior knowledge of the source material, so.. to me, it was a good example of how :re's general problem is how different it is from the first part of its story.
I do agree however about the fact that visually, :re doesn't look nearly as good on the eyes as its prior seasons, and that parts of the anime felt super short compared to how they felt really long when reading them. But by no means do i think that rebooting :re is a good idea. Financially it doesnt make sense, since the only reason they would have to reboot it, is to add content to already excisting content which technically isn't necesarry and to "improve" visual technology. The only form of rebooting that makes sense would be to reboot rootA and have the story follow that of the manga, but its by no means a realistic thing to happen. :Re has already been made and its been years since rootA, and Tokyo Ghoul's relevancy is fading away.

Shayan_ken | Sep 1, 2020 1:52 AM
I was just thinking about the anime and it really hurts that that :re anime was pretty mediocre in like every way. While the previous seasons of Tokyo ghoul were great, even though they were also flawed in the content, but the anime covered it up nicely. The anime graphics and animation (at least better than :re) were also wonderful along with the OST insert songs which were subtly placed. Even the Root A, which was non-canon was also amazing, as a stand alone anime, especially the ending. I don't know why :re anime just couldn't come close to the first two seasons and ruined Tokyo Ghoul. I just wish they could reboot the :re anime.

E-Mand | Aug 20, 2020 8:13 AM
I mean.. as the fifth most popular manga on this site, i wouldnt really say that its underrated. I generally agree that they gloss over the series and put it off as the story goes into the :re part. But yeah, by no means is it underrated. This club is pretty much dead as there isn't being released any new material for the series and it just seems like interest in the topic is just dead. I tried to bring new chapter release discussions for the club up, a few years ago but yeah, even back when :re was still being released, would there be little interest in discussions here. I pretty much stay to reply to whatever might pop up here for the fun of it

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