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Well I went to the shops today to buy some soda but they were all out so I went home (without soda) logged onto Skype and started messaging people. You know the type, Hi. Hello! etc. Then It came to me. Apples! What is life without apples! I then went downstairs and what do ya know? No fucking apples! So I watched some anime instead. Depressed without soda or apples, I went through a long search on what to watch... After an hour of searching I asked my friend for a recommendation, he replied with three simple words. Date A Live. I found the anime on and started watching... This was a new world. A new life. I later fell asleep and started dreaming of snakes. With nowhere to hide I jumped on them. Squashing them one by one, as I crushed the last one. A pokemon game fell from the sky. It was a miracle. Untill it hit me in the head and then I died of concussion. I woke up scared! Date A Live was still playing to calm me down. I turned it off as it didn't help at all. I then spoke to another friend that then said they would murder me. This didn't help either. A year has passed since that day. I had not yet been killed. I then wondered where that year went. It felt like a day. I then played World Of Warcraft, as there was a new update. I had two level ninety characters. There was a new raid. The Guild only just let me in. I had obtained two items by the 4th boss. This raised my item level by 5. Then I made a group on this website that asked something about me. So this is my answer...

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