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Welcome to the Yoko Hikasa Fan Club!
This is the one true fan page for the lovely, talented, and beautiful seiyuu Yoko Hikasa. After years of not having one, she finally has a place here in MAL for people to express their love for her. Please be acquainted to the people here, try to be friendly here, and suggest some improvements to the club so we can make it even better!
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Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan Blood type: O Height: 157cm Sports and Hobbies: fashion, basketball, softball Married on 2015 Co-hosts the popular weekly radio show Odoroki Sentai Momonoki Five with fellow voice-actress Nakamura Eriko Links: Official Yoko Hikasa Website Yoko Hikasa's Blog Yoko Hikasa's Instagram Yoko Hikasa and Nao Touyama Being Lewd With Hiro Shimono~ Odoroki Sentai Momonoki Five Website (Japanese)
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Your Favorite Characters Voiced by Yoko-san!
GonzoLewd - Mar 30, 2014
15 replies by LeonhartAugust »»
Nov 25, 2021 11:09 PM
What made you want to become of fan of Yoko-san?
GonzoLewd - Mar 15, 2014
9 replies by Akazuna »»
Jun 24, 2017 3:52 PM
Sticky: Yoko Hikasa Game Roles
tsubasalover - Jan 13, 2015
1 replies by removed-user »»
Feb 15, 2015 3:11 AM
Sticky: Yoko Hikasa Music Thread
GonzoLewd - Mar 18, 2014
12 replies by removed-user »»
Dec 8, 2014 8:12 PM
Sticky: Summer 2014 Role Discussions
GonzoLewd - Aug 7, 2014
0 replies by GonzoLewd »»
Aug 7, 2014 7:44 PM

Club Comments
tsubasalover | Mar 21, 12:31 PM

tsubasalover | Feb 22, 7:51 PM
Megaira (Rakudai Majo: Fuuka to Yami no Majo) added to relations.

tsubasalover | Feb 22, 6:52 AM
CrosSing Collection vol.2 Releasing April 26, 2023, Including Bonus Track TESTAMENT (Symphogear AXZ OP) Covered by Hikasa-san.

tsubasalover | Feb 18, 4:41 AM
Lv1 Maou to One Room Yuusha and Zenia added to relations.

tsubasalover | Feb 14, 4:30 PM
Pluto and Atom added to relations.

tsubasalover | Jan 27, 10:52 AM
Otonari ni Ginga and Momoka Morikuni added to relations (as well as update to latest, hope I didn't miss anything).

GonzoLewd | Jan 24, 1:43 PM
I've made tsubasalover an admin per her request. She'll be rearranging and adding new, updated photos of Hikasa-san soon~

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