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That Awkward Moment is a Comedy, Romance with a runtime of 94 mins with your favorite movie stars like :

Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide So...where is this going
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I saw "That Awkward Moment", starring Zac Efron-New Year's Eve,
Hairspray-2007; Miles Teller-Project X, Footloose-2011; Michael B..
Jordan-Fruitvale Station, Red Tails and Imogen Poots-Fright Night-2011,
28 Weeks Later..This is a romantic comedy about the relationships of twenty year olds
and their hook-up mentality.. Zac, Miles and Michael are three best
buds, and have been ever since college.. Michael is the only one of the
three that is married.. When Michael's marriage goes on the rocks, Zac
and Miles decide to comfort him by making a pact; they will all just
bed as many girls as possible, without getting serious.. Their
definition of serious involves the girl using the word 'So', as in 'So,
where is our relationship going?' The guys call this that awkward
moment.. Then, of course, Zac meets Imogen, Miles falls for a close
friend and Michael tries to get back with his estranged wife.. All pacts
are eventually thrown out the window.. There is some nudity, mostly the
guys, but nothing too graphic is really shown; when they are nude, they
are nude, but certain parts are discreetly blocked by something-There
is a funny scene that is actually educational; I'm not sure if it is
true-I have not tried it-but you learn how to urinate, while having an
erection.. There are some out takes and bloopers, as the credits start
but nothing at the very end.. It's rated "R" for language and sexual
content-partial nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 34 minutes.. I
don't know if I would buy it on DVD but it would be alright, as a

When i don't enjoy a film i can come on here and vent my frustrations
and the negativity flows off the fingers, it really does.. All my
grievances towards the wasting of my precious time.. It helps.. But when
it comes to this disaster, it is so bad that all that hatred just can't
accumulate the words to describe how bad it is.. Sure i could look at a
thesaurus and rhyme off a sea of synonyms to kick start my inability to
word it correctly.. But the movie is that dreadful it's really not worth
the time; it has already wasted 2 hours of my life (if you include the
trailers)..The everyone is a shambles.. Unconvincing, lazy, mundane..
And the avalanche of awkward moments that pummel the viewer do not
entertain; they make you depressed.. I've seen Zac Efron display some
good acting in "The Paperboy" and "Parkland", but with this being a
"comedy" i have now became slightly afraid that he is going to ruin the
upcoming "Neighbors" in which he stars alongside Seth Rogen.. As far as
the other two main characters..........well lets just say i hope to never
see Michael B Jordan again.. He is terrible; the blueprint of somehow
who tries to be funny but fails miserably; like attempting a slam dunk
and falling on your face.. As for John Cusack's mini me Miles Teller
well he has potential......if he weren't so bloody annoying.. The whole
cast are incredibly annoying actually.. Not one thing good about this
film.. it is actually like 0..25/10 but that cannot be chosen as a rating so it
gets an undeserving 1..
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