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Welcome to the Monster Hunter Guild, a club for all monster hunters out there!
Monster Hunter is a popular fantasy-action (and arguably an RPG) video game series by Capcom, where the player takes the role of a hunter-gatherer who clears quests involving killing and capturing monsters, and occasional gathering missions. As of Monster Hunter 4, there are 14 different weapon classes for the player to choose from. The games are extremely popular in Japan and have smaller yet dedicated fanbase in the West. The series is famous for its rough learning curve and awesome online multiplayer - Monster Hunter isn't the sort of game you can run through all by yourself, and that's part of the reason why this club exist! List of Monster Hunter Games:
The mangaka Hiro Mashima has also made a manga adaptation of the series, named Monster Hunter Orage.

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Monster Hunter World Weapons
KamitoRings - Jan 17, 2018
0 replies by KamitoRings »»
Jan 17, 2018 8:32 AM
hunting tactics
Vin-nii - Jul 5, 2008
12 replies by aweser »»
Aug 27, 2016 12:39 PM
What HR are you?!
SilentSniper - Jun 12, 2008
37 replies by GGR »»
Mar 28, 2016 7:02 AM
~ Official Member Cards ~
wiseman-san - Sep 23, 2015
4 replies by R0DGE »»
Oct 8, 2015 10:31 AM
What weapon(s) do you use?
PyrrhusFire - Apr 13, 2015
5 replies by Aya-Brea »»
Sep 24, 2015 3:23 PM

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Club Comments
KamitoRings | Mar 6, 2018 6:16 PM
Good Question. Vagnis Set could be considered my top. but i have many.

Gismor | Feb 14, 2018 2:20 PM
What's your favorite Monter Hunter armor from all the monster hunter adaptations?

KamitoRings | Jan 15, 2018 6:26 PM
not surprised it's dead. This needs a revival.

belcingga | Jan 15, 2018 6:09 PM
This club seems to be dead for a while now, so why not live it up a bit now for the release of Monster Hunter: World on consoles (and PC for Autumn 2018)? ^^ I've created a Discord server for anyone who's interested to join up. We'll be active and there surely will always be someone there to play with if people start to gather up!

You're very much welcome! And if you have any questions you can ask me anytime ^^

Dangalf | Mar 17, 2017 8:26 PM
You guys heard of Dauntless?

It's basically a Monster Hunter game for PC. Not yet released though. But I think it looks really cool.

Dangalf | Sep 15, 2016 2:36 PM
I just want a Monster Hunter game for PC T____T

Wonder if they'll actually make the movie, game is not that popular in the west. Would be amazing though.

Mauno | Sep 15, 2016 12:48 PM
Surprise news:

Also, MH Frontier Z coming to the PS4, and Monster Hunter Stories anime airing this Fall season. Lots of monster hunting, too little time..

Dangalf | Aug 4, 2016 11:10 PM
hmm, I see. I watched the video as well, think I get it to some extent at least lol. Thanks

Also, Mizutsune's definitely a cool boss, and pretty fun to fight as well. But I find the bubble attacks a bit silly lol.

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