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Favourite Tsundere(s)? ( 1 2 3 4 )
Seishi - Oct 22, 2007
183 replies by noel_amers »»
Jul 11, 8:05 PM
am i the only one here who hates louise
princessakura - Jan 19
8 replies by Sphinxter »»
May 7, 6:04 PM
tsunderes you dont like
princessakura - Feb 14
2 replies by Sphinxter »»
May 7, 6:01 PM
Tsunderes are ungrateful?
Fuurude - Nov 3, 2010
8 replies by Mechanoild »»
Apr 18, 8:13 PM
What kind of tsundere is your favourite?
XenaChan - Sep 8, 2011
13 replies by Chloe-tsundere »»
Feb 14, 12:15 PM

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Chloe-tsundere | Aug 12, 10:58 AM
I actually thought the opposite.. first season best and S2 made no sense then S3 was like oh lets change the entire genre. Tho S3 is more true to its originel source so if it were like that from the start it would be very nice.. but now i was used to cutesy shana in S1 and she changed 360 degrees...

Sakai-Yuji | Aug 11, 7:14 PM
Shakugan No shana is the awesome. Its a few seasons but it gets better each one. So does Shana grow as a character

Chloe-tsundere | Jul 27, 1:20 PM
Then try GJ-bu ?

Theres also ookami ryouko , just look her up. Short nice serie too.

Theres Eco and Claire Rouge, short serie characters too, good luck

J0lly_Jump3r | Jul 26, 2:13 PM
Well, at least I have seen Toradora and yes, I consider 22-26ep as short :)

Chloe-tsundere | Jul 26, 11:47 AM
Well if youre looking for a short season.. the tsundere wonders arent in it.

If you consider 22-26 eps short i guess toradora with taiga aisaka is good.
Also GJ-bu with mao amatsuka who is in my favs is nice too and relaxing SoL.
There are many who dont have many seasons

J0lly_Jump3r | Jul 25, 11:11 AM
Honestly, I don't know how I got into this club haha

and why does every anime you mentioned have so many seasons xD

Chloe-tsundere | Jul 19, 8:12 AM
Really how do you even got to this club? XD cause those are also famous.. shana is from shakugan no shana and nagi from hayate the combat butler!

Well thats up to you but you might not like louise then as her personality resets a lot there :) but yeah S1 and S4 are the best in my opinion :) S3 is just filler.

J0lly_Jump3r | Jul 18, 7:06 PM
Sounds interesting, maybe too many seasons but I'll definitely give it a shot since I am not in this club for nothing hehe

Also would you like to tell me from wich Anime Shana and Nagi are?
I don't think that I have heard of them even once..

PS: Even if you say that the LN is better, I won't read it :p

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