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x264titan | Feb 25, 2020 8:40 PM
Our tactics and playing style have a lot to do with the type of players that we have. It's not just Ole's fault that we are failing to break down teams that sit back against us. That part will take time and good recruitment. The latter isn't down to him but down to the club getting a director of football like you said and have some sort of vision and structure.

I agree with Gary Neville when he says the kind of squad Ole has inherited is very similar to what Klopp inherited in 2015/16. They had the exact same problems. They beat City 4-1 at the Etihad and then lost 3-0 to Watford a few weeks later. In the following season, they beat Arsenal and Chelsea away but lost to Burnley. Even the "conceding goals from set pieces" issue that we've had this season was also a problem for Liverpool for quite a while.

Ole has been in charge of 48 PL games thus far. We could compare Klopp's first 48 with Ole's too. 25 wins for Klopp and 23 wins for Ole. Klopp's Liverpool had no European football in 2016/17 so the last 18 games in that record were relatively easier to cope with as well.

What I like about this United team is the work rate and attitude especially from the new signings like Bruno, Wan Bissaka, James and Maguire. They haven't been brilliant every single time they've played but the right mentality is there. I can see the values and sense of identity that Ole is trying to bring back, albeit slowly. The major issue with the team is consistency. They win a couple of games and then lose to weaker teams. That's the frustrating part and it's all because of the inability to make a comeback in games just like you pointed out.

Points per game when team concedes 1st goal:

Liverpool 2.50 (10 points in 4 games)
Man City 1.11 (10 points in 9 games)
Arsenal 1.07 (15 points in 14 games)
Spurs 0.92 (12 points in 13 games)
Man Utd 0.50 (6 points in 12 games)
Chelsea 0.33 (3 points in 9 games)

This clearly shows why teams like United and Chelsea have been so inconsistent. It also shows that while Liverpool have been very good at turning things around, they've only conceded the 1st goal 4 times in 27 games.

But let's also look at the top 6 clubs head-to-head this season so far, in terms of points per game:

Liverpool 2.71 (19 points in 7 games)
Man Utd 1.75 (14 points in 8 games)
Chelsea 1.25 (10 points in 8 games)
Man City 1.17 (7 points in 6 games)
Arsenal 0.86 (6 points in 7 games)
Spurs 0.63 (5 points in 8 games)

Additionally, Liverpool's only winless game was at Old Trafford. That was not just by chance. We played really well in that game and other games too. For the first 30 mins at the Etihad, City were all over the place against us, for example.

My point is we have seen what Ole's team is capable of doing when at their best. We've seen it in the 2nd half of last season and this season too. It's just a matter of doing it more consistently which I am sure will happen if he's given the time and support. I personally feel that he should stay even if we don't qualify for CL next season. I don't see us as title contenders or anything next season either. There is no quick fix. Having said that, I do think that we should be fighting for the title in 2021/22 though.

kenshin514 | Feb 25, 2020 11:23 AM

I understand where are you coming from about supporting Ole and it's not good for us to keep sacking managers years after years. However, I don't think Ole is the right person to put us where we were even if we have good owner and run the club properly.

I mean look at our tactic and playing style. Do we know where is our team vision is? Aside from defending, wait for opponent mistake and counter attack. We don't have any other plans. There is reason why when we conceded first and we had hard time to make comeback.

Not saying Pochettino or Allegri or anyone will make us better but surely it's not Ole and his management team.

Yes seeing Liverpool will lift the PL trophy very soon will hurt all United fans around the world dearly. I still don't think the owner and the board will do anything about it though. If they are serious of making us becoming good again. We would bought Haaland. We would bought Fernandez much sooner. We would get rid of Pogba (controversial) because he doesn't want to be here and invest that money wisely. Most important thing of all is hiring a director of football who actually know the proper role and not some ex united players and etc.

We will see I guess. If we get champion league for next season whether from winning europa league or being in top 4 (or potential top 5 due to City's ban) then Ole will be here next season and we will miss out potentially better manager out there.

x264titan | Jan 24, 2020 8:55 PM
I still support Ole. He should definitely get more time and we have been changing managers way too often. He has inherited an average squad and needs a few windows to get the type of players he wants. After that, if it still doesn't work out, then we can start pointing fingers at him.

The people running the club are at fault no doubt. They've turned Manchester United into a pure business model and only seem to care about the off-pitch marketing side of things.

There was a guy here before who was so anti-Mourinho that he only blamed him for all the problems. He was so upset when we finished 2nd, 19 pts behind City in 17/18. Looking at that now, that was some achievement lol. Plus, look at how far 2nd placed City are behind Liverpool now. Does that mean Pep gets the sack? No. It's just their season just like it was City's 2 years ago and it's Liverpool's first league title in 30 years. It was going to happen at some point. Personally, I feel they were better last season than this one though.

The signs of progress were always there for them, season after season. The margin of victory is shocking though and quite frankly, they have been quite lucky to be this far ahead. Deserving champions, nonetheless. It has gotten to a point where I watch us every week thinking we are going to lose and watch them every week thinking they are going to win.

Looking at it optimistically, I hope the pain that is felt watching Liverpool lift the Premier League trophy causes some kind of a reaction in the United board room. Some kind of change is definitely needed. You can't expect different results doing the same thing over and over.

kenshin514 | Jan 3, 2020 2:17 PM
No post for awhile. Want to see if everyone in this club is Ole out yet. I was a fool with first 3 months that Ole was here and he done a miracle. Now we have the worst season ever in my life time. Never expect to see Liverpool will win PL comfortably like this. Worst PL season ever.

Sure Ole is not the only problem. The bigger problem is the owner, Ed Woodward and the board. I still watch every United games but there is no joy watching it. Even that I think Ole is incompetent and won't be able to turn us back to the glory day.

Any thought anyone?

Any thought?

x264titan | Aug 11, 2019 11:41 AM
Very happy with the result. Performance definitely needs to improve though. Chelsea played better than we did, especially in the 1st half. But yeah, very pleased with the 3 points in a big game :)

alexanderthekek | Aug 11, 2019 10:33 AM
MU did a superb job....4-0....woohoo!

x264titan | May 12, 2019 2:58 PM
Cardiff lol

EdgyEcchiSenpai | May 12, 2019 10:38 AM
Cardiff tbh btw

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