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Renkurana - Sep 18
0 replies by Renkurana »»
Sep 18, 1:31 AM
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Renkurana - Feb 7, 2015
6,641 replies by Amatniki »»
Sep 14, 7:40 PM
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Renkurana - Jan 15, 2015
7,815 replies by Amatniki »»
Sep 14, 7:39 PM
Sticky: [OPEN] Official Member Cards → NEW ←
Livenne - Feb 9
49 replies by mutsukii »»
Sep 11, 2:39 AM
Sticky: [Closed] Beach
Renkurana - Aug 25
18 replies by Tarandeep_singh »»
Sep 9, 11:12 AM

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Renkurana | Sep 12, 2:21 AM
Some people have told me that the link to the cards for the Swimwear Custom Edition takes them to the Jumpshare homepage instead. If anyone else runs into that problem, click here for the cards.

I find it weird for that problem to occur since the link works fine on my end and it's never happened before. And those of you that requests cards from me frequently knows I use Jumpshare. Hopefully it's a one time thing. If not, it's gonna be a hassle to deal with.

Renkurana | Sep 7, 4:33 AM
Beach open

Tarandeep_singh | Sep 2, 2:46 PM
Plus exams too, T^T

Renkurana | Sep 1, 6:08 PM
Certainly didn't help that Maple has another event happening, especially one that helps with grinding levels. Things should be slowing down this month though. FGO's current event is almost ending, KC's and GFL's events ended last week so it's mostly just getting misc stuff done, and AL just has a mini-event coming up next which I can easily finish without even trying.

But we'll see what happens. I don't wanna burn myself out before the holidays. I know what I plan to do when Christmas rolls around but Halloween will be tricky since I've already done a bunch of stuff for it over the years.

Tarandeep_singh | Aug 31, 4:03 PM

You are not alone struggling with all various events happening through out different games, I am too from azur lane to cod mobile.

Renkurana | Aug 31, 12:36 AM
All these various game (both MMOs and mobile) events going on making it tough to get something done in this club. I haven't even started on the custom cards yet. I have considered doing a (small) collection so at least there's something going on. Only problem is that I haven't figured out what it'll be on if I do decide to do one. Definitely not a big one. I was struggling to keep up with the Girls' Frontline one.

But at least it's good to know you guys are chill about the lack of activity. I think. Anyways, I'll do w/e I can in-between all the stuff that's going on, both IRL and weeb life.

Lisette98 | Aug 28, 9:25 AM
noooooo I missed T_T awww

Lisette98 | Aug 28, 9:25 AM
ty @Renkurana

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