Bloodcalibur's Harem

Bloodcalibur's Harem is devoted towards the expression of, and integrity of, the maintenance of supporting the views, ideals, philosophy and character of the being known as Bloodcalibur, via emotional, verbal, or physical support. Women who understand the beauty of masculine purity gravitate towards this inexhaustible will and confidence that embraces them with undiluted, untainted respect and affection. These women, who exist without equal in the multiverse, are possessed by quantum urges to seek out one which possesses qualities that rivals their own. For it is he and he alone that walks the path of chaos, he and he alone, wielding the purity of oblivion, possesses a touch divine enough to harness the potentials of these beautiful valkyries. "We are the blades of existence, and he is our shield."

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Bloodcalibur | Jan 21, 2013 9:45 PM
New sig up:

Sig was made by biitchstick, 100% of the credit goes to her.

Bloodcalibur | Jan 19, 2013 7:34 PM
Signatures, profile pic, and a template for the "Information" section are all coming soon.

I know I sent everyone a temporary sig for now but my girl and I will be working on a better sig tomorrow and probably be ready by Monday.

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Bloodcalibur (Admin, Creator)
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Itami (Officer)

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