The Plague: Recolonization

In 2025, the world, more commonly referred to as a wasteland by most now, is in ruins. There are no more Countries, no more Government. During the outbreak in 2015, when the dead started to rise, most tried to flee. Others tried to fight. And the rest merely tried to survive. This did nothing but thin the human's numbers. All who ran, believing in the military or god to save them, were slaughtered with their backs to the wall. Those who chose to fight, were overrun and slaughtered. Only those who sought to survive have lived, though even most of them have perished. Now, ten years later, in 2025. Mankind is no longer the dominant race of the Earth. However, even though they no longer rule the earth, they still live. The humans that survived, adapted. It has gotten to the point where not seeing a walking corpse is shocking and nerve-wracking. Mankind is starting to rebuild, at least what they can. Though they cannot go back to their old lives and cities, they have established their own societies. Each with it's own 'government', own principles, and own way of surviving. There are many of these 'factions' of survivors. However, there are five that all are aware of. <strong>The Scavengers</strong> First, there are the Scavengers. Otherwise known as neutrals, or vultures. This faction is not united and is mostly referred to by the larger ones to define the small, scattered groups of survivors on the Earth. The Scavengers are given their name as they do not wish for conflict or confrontation with the other factions. They merely wish to take what they need and move on. As they do not yearn for confrontation, most try to avoid the other faction territories. However, sometimes they enter a faction's territory when they are desperate. Though, this is at a great risk, as most of the larger factions are not welcome to those who are not their own. They are very flexible as their specialties vary. They have no specific social heirarchy. <strong>The Deathwatch</strong> Second, are the Deathwatch. This is the most mysterious of the factions. They are referred to by most as Shadows or Reapers, from the way the dress and their attitude towards all. They are very secretive, and will kill any who get in their way or trespass. Only those who are chosen by a member can enter, and all who enter are bound by a strict code of laws that must be followed. Upon breaking even one of these rules, it is not uncommon for the punishment to be death. The greatest mercy being exile, which is extremely rare. They usually specialize in covert operations, assassination. They aren't too bad in head to head fights either, however they frown upon non silent weapons. The deathwatch is lead by the Rank 0, or leader. He/She then gives orders to the officers, ranks 1-10, and they then give orders to the mere agents. <strong>The Warband</strong> Third, are the Warband. Called bloodthirsters or Barbarians by others. This faction welcomes the apocalypse with open arms, seeing it as one huge bloody battle. These people are usually insane or on the brink of insanity that they are not only desensitized to death, but they savor it. They will fight even if they don't have any chance at winning, believing that that is what is the most fun. They find suffering to be entertainment, and when one becomes infected, they even have a contest to see who will last the longest before turning. The Warband specialize with head to head fighting and frown upon any weapon that is remotely silent. They have a very basic social hierarchy, there is the War Boss, who leads them, his War Lords, and then mere grunts. <strong>The Legion</strong> Fourth is the Legion. This faction is most technologically advanced out of all the factions, caring more about re-establishing societies technological standards that were lost when the outbreak started. If you were to walk through their camp, you'd even see some of them playing video games and using computers, to an extent. Though, with their guns and vehicles, which are almost never used by any other factions, they are not afraid to get into a fight. Many of them are even former military and usually have some type of uniform that resembles a military one. They specialize with technology, as well as guns and vehicles. The social hierarchy here is more like that of a democracy, everyone has a say in what they want to do. <strong>The Chosen Sons</strong> Next are the Chosen Sons. This faction believes that they were Chosen by god himself to survive the apocalypse, often using religious justification when doing just about anything. Some are insane, believing all who are not with them, are heretics who should rot. Others are perfectly sane and kind to those who are even not from their faction. Though if threatened, they will gladly charge their enemy, fighting to the death just as easy as The Warband could. Though they seem cruel many times, slaughtering and publicly (to put it nicely) executing the 'Heretics' they capture, many people ran to god for help after the apocalypse started, as a result The Chosen Sons have a huge population, the most supplies, weapons, and the most warriors. The Chosen Sons are best described as a dictatorship, there is the leader, or Father as they call him, his advisers, and his subjects. <strong>NEOH Corporation</strong> Lastly, is NEOH (Next Evolution Of Humanity) Corporation. NEOH Corp. are a particularly heavily armed faction made up of all kinds of people. This is because it was a large corporation before the outbreak. Rather than believing this virus to be a plague and this new world Hell. They believe it to be the 'next step' for humanity. They want to study the undead and want to 'perfect' the virus. Many people believe that this faction originally caused the outbreak. This faction is flexible, having people that specialize in all sorts of things, however they usually focus more on the undead, rather than other factions. Despite the outbreak, NEOH Corp. still functions like a business. It has the CEO of it, as well as scientists, operatives, guards, etc. <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>Rules</strong><!--center--></div> 1. Don't godmod. At the moment I'm not sure if I'll make a stat system or not, but if it gets to be a huge problem I will make one. 2. Characters CAN die here. However, this must be okay with both the person killing and the one being killed. 3. This is NOT a fantasy club. You can't be a demon/elf/etc. Neither can you have mystical abilities and shoot fireballs at people. 4. If you use a gun, try to be realistic with ammo. Don't fire it a thousand times without reloading. 5. You can make as many characters as you wish as long as you can manage them. However, don't steal all the high ranks with them. Ex. Don't have one character be the leader of a faction, then another be rank 1 of the deathwatch and then another be a leader as well. And if you have to characters in the same faction, the second one cannot be an officer or leader if the first is, it must be a basic soldier/grunt. 6. Characters must be approved by the creator (me) or admins. 7. Please type at least 2 sentences for each post. Trying to avoid 1 liners :) 8. Have fun :D!

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