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(Seishoujo's Artist Profile ~ Please contact me if you can translate this!)
聖少女, also written セイショウジョ/Seishoujyo/Seishoujo, has given us a small yet memorable number of deeply perverted stories featuring a seemingly endless amount of enticing and provocative bondage-themed artwork. I find his work to be tastefully vulgar and his characters and stories are surprisingly developed! Most of Seishoujyo's work is directly featured in his artbooks and visual novels and yet almost every one of them seems to get picked up and turned into it's own super graphic animated series, usually re-illustrated by Yoshiten! Popular characters created and designed by Seishoujyo have been turned into beautifully sculpted figurines, too! If you're into some of the darker aspects of sexuality or just a fan of wilder hentai in general, you are sure to like the following titles all written and illustrated by the great Seishoujyo! For my original MFC fanclub, please visit: Bible Black (バイブルブラック)
Discipline - The Record of a Crusade - (ディシプリン)
Heartwork Symphony of Destruction (ハートワーク)
Starless > 21st Century Nymphomaniacs < (スターレス)
Angel Halo (エンジェル・ハイロウ)
GunBlaze (ガンブレイズ) + GunBlaze S
Lewdness ~Vita sexualis~ (ルードネス)
Seishoujyo has also contributed to the following: Mahjong Fantastic Art Collection (麻雀幻想曲) Tamago Ryouri (たまご料理) Shin Irekae Tamashi (新入れかえ魂) Men's YOUNG Special IKAZUCHI (メンズヤングスペシャル雷)
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