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rin desu.

Family Tree desu.
Dad - serenity043
Mom - ReverseHarem
Mom's Boyfriend - Xinil
Sister - windy
Papi - itainteazy
Mami - ZoiQ
Secret Lover - Zel
Epic Uncle - Roybie
Cousin - Alwerien
Personal Stuffed Toy - ViM -my bitch-
The Queen - Purin

Here's the story...

One day in the country ruled by Purin, my mom, ReverseHarem, gave birth to me. And serenity043, mom's cousin, is my father. Since they are cousin in blood, they can't get married and decided to go on separate ways.

Then, mom found another man who loves her the most, Xinil. But mom doesn't want to be looked at as a mother of a kid, she wants to look young infront of her new lover, so she decided to get me an adoption parents.

And now I live with my adoption parents, it_aint_eazy, my papi, treats me so well, just like his own daughter. ZoiQ, my mami is a very gentle person. They treat me like their own daughter. I'm so happy to get them as my caring adoption parents.

Near my adoption parent's home, i met a guy named ViM. He is one little annoying brat. So immature and never cares about other's feeling. But I like him, since I know, whatever he did, is because he is shy. We became best friend forever. Then he introduced me to his girlfriend, windy. After meeting her for quite a few times, I found out that she is my blood related older sister.

Last month, I found out that I have an uncle, which is Roybie. He is a nice, caring, and awesome. He loves photography just like I do. But sometimes, he annoys me alot... He has a daughter named Alwerien. She's a nice girl, but sometimes she act like a little pampered princess, she's always surrounded by guys.

A while ago, I met a really nice man, Zel. At first, he act all gentleman. I really like him. But after sometimes, he start to show his ugly side, which makes me feel bad for him. Even though his ugly side is such a turn off, I still like him. We decided to get together without my adoption parents knowing.

Now I am very happy, surrounded by a very kind and unique people. Having a caring family and also a lovely friends. The End.

The story above is only a fiction story.
None of the above is related to any kind of situation in the real life.

few unimportant facts bout rin desu.
  • rin went to dictionary.com to see if 'unimportant' is a word
  • rin loves to glomp on people
  • rin loves to roll on people till they're flat
  • rin loves to poke people nonstoply
  • rin has an epic brain malfunction disease
  • rin is a desu
  • rin is epic
  • rin is fail win
  • rin hates yaoi 'n shonen-ai
  • rin dislikes /b/ and /y/
  • rin dislikes genderbent on anime chara
  • rin is not a loli
  • rin hunts shota bois
  • rin is uber emo and sensitive
  • rin cries easily
  • rin is an attention whore
  • rin is a phonecamwhore
  • rin is a bully
  • rin is a lame, desperate, pathetic cool girl
  • rin is et cetera

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    i'm here.

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    SteamPunk4Me | Nov 12, 2008 8:49 PM
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    bad moosoomay :'<

    ooRin | Oct 28, 2008 7:19 AM
    lol .. wow.... its like.. ohay i dont login to MAL anymoar.. OHAYYYY.. T_T and no i dont update those above anymore.. @_@

    SteamPunk4Me | Oct 17, 2008 9:45 PM

    Purin | Sep 6, 2008 5:48 AM
    Oh my god. I never stopped loling when I read the story above. xDD ooRin is definitely ooWin. (;

    Sandgolem | Sep 2, 2008 12:10 PM
    lol so that a pretty interesting story Rin :D so do you update this at all? :3

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