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Love Live sale discussion
ThangLong - Apr 23, 2014
49 replies by Ejc »»
May 24, 9:49 PM
[Quiz] What Love Live character are you?
ThangLong - Aug 18, 2013
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Apr 12, 6:50 AM
Poll: Love Live! Sunshine!! Best Girl
Dodecahedron-O24 - Aug 29, 2016
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Mar 10, 1:53 PM
Poll: Who is the best grown-up μ?!
ThangLong - Aug 19, 2013
25 replies by PartyMcAnime »»
Nov 16, 2016 12:01 PM
Sticky: Love Live! School Idol Festival (mobile game) ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Goosta - Jul 21, 2013
2,182 replies by Felkyr »»
Oct 9, 2016 5:40 AM

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Xethora | Apr 10, 8:31 AM
I'm sure many of you already got comments from me on your profiles regarding this, but I recently started a new group on MAL dedicated to laid-back Love Live! discussion focused mostly around a small but growing Discord server. Find information about the group and the Discord it's attached to here if interested:


DenpaNyan | Apr 2, 1:17 PM

jonjoy | Apr 2, 11:07 AM

DreamingBeats | Mar 20, 8:48 AM
in other news, Rikako and 3 others representing Aquors won the seiyuu awards.
congrats Rikako!

DreamingBeats | Mar 20, 8:41 AM
@jonjoy thanks for the video link. Rikako looked very tense right from the beginning: her arms looked very stiff, and she also looked tense when she bowed. she probably practiced for several days and would easily be able to play the piece in private, but doing a live event and having every camera showing you in every angle does put a ton of pressure. even more so when Aquors is supposed to be muse's successor. even after the song ended, Rikako still looked tense, but relieved that she was able to finish the song.
glad the fans were very supportive of her.
and before you ask, no, i did not cry watching the video. :L

DreamingBeats | Mar 19, 9:56 PM
kinda old news, but apparently Aida Rikako (Riko's VA) broke into tears in the live event.

Other cast members rushed to help her, bringing her bottles of water and towels to wipe away her tears. Inami Anju, voice of Chika Takami, was able to calm Rikako down by holding her while the audience chanted Rikakos name to cheer her on.

she was trying to play the piano for omoi yo hitotsu ni nare, but had a panic / anxiety attack and made mistakes.

this is the most adorably cute news i read today <3

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