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The alliance is first introduced in episode 21 of the anime when Niijima comes to Kenichi's rescue in his fight against Kisara's group. It is formed by a motley crew of individuals: from refined martial artists seeking powerful opponents to expand their scope of experience to loyal pawns whose loyalty was garnered by a leader (Nijima) adept at fabrication. Non fighters are trained by Nijima for information gathering. The organization itself has a signature gesture, which is done with the right arm performing a spinning motion at the front and then stops with the fingers outstretched and palm facing outward and the little pinky finger seperated from the rest of the fingers, similar in manner to the Hitler salute in Nazi Germany and the Klingon salute in Star Trek. It is interesting to note that, as of the current time, the Alliance is comprised mostly of students from Kouryou high and converted ex-members from Ragnarok. The group is led by Niijima Haruo who supervises the activities of the group. Notable Shinpaku members include Shirahama Kenichi (honorary captain), Natsu Tanimoto (Hermit), Ikki Takeda, Kaname Kugatachi (Freya), Hibiki Kugenin (Siegfried), Yuma Chiaki (Thor), Nanjo Kisara (Valkyrie) and Kozo Ukita. Miu Fūrinji wasn't an official member of the alliance (Kenichi was unaware that he had never invited her to a meeting) and would only appear when it needed help before five YOMI members transfer to the school. Yami and YOMI consider the Shinpaku Alliance as part of Ryōzanpaku.

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