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Here you can look for people who want to watch the same shows as you in simul watch mode.

In particular, we are a club for finding someone else to simul watch a show that has already been completed but that you and another member would both like to watch, but we also follow some ongoing shows so there should be something of interest for everyone.

A simul watch can be a great way to clear some of your backlog! Just find someone else with a matching series on your ptw list and drop them a line to see if they'd like to watch it with you! You and your simul watch partner watch the episodes at about the same time (don't forget to take time zone differences into account!) then comment on each other's profile (or some other way) as you finish each episode (spoiler tags are recommended for posting on others walls, on the off chance you accidentally spoil a series for someone else who happens to check your profile). Decide beforehand how many episodes you plan to watch and which days you will both have free. The main purpose of this club is to help users find other users with whom to simul watch and make new friends!

It's a fun experience because it makes you think more about the single episodes if you collect your thoughts about them after each one and it's more personal and responsive than doing it in the episode discussion threads in the subforums.

The Rules:
1. Always use spoiler tags in the designated discussion threads and label them so it is clear if they talk about the whole series or specific episodes.
2. If you refer to a series that is not the currently discussed one you should use additional spoiler tags if necessary, even if the second series is also one we are watching in the club.

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Oct 2, 2016 9:53 AM

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Club Comments
KingYoshi | Sep 18, 6:54 AM
That time again, eh? This upcoming season does show some promise. Hopefully, without Made in Abyss making pretty much everything else seem inferior, I will be able get into more anime this season.

Definitely watching/checking out...

Shokugeki no Souma: The Third Plate - I love this show. I enjoyed the 2nd season even better than the first. Hopefully, the trend continues. Either way, I will really enjoy this one.

Kekkai Sensen & Beyond - I greatly enjoyed the first season. I look forward to more rad designs and beautiful chaos.

Inuyashiki - The premise sounds fairly unique. Seeing it is from the creator of Gantz only adds to the hype. Plus, MAPPA. This one could be really enjoyable.

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - Yeah, this was such a pleasant surprise. Lerche has handled some really enjoyable anime these last few years. I look forward to another.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - I may be more excited for this than anything else this season. The premise and PV were incredible. I can't wait!

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2 - The first season was genuinely funny. I expect Studio Deen to handle the second season just as well as Wit handled the first.

May check out if I hear favorable things...

Juuni Taisen - If this is a tournament style anime, I may check it out.

Ousama Game the Animation - This sounds like it could be full of glorious edge. It could also be terrible.

Vanishing Line - MAPPA is the reason I may check this one out.

LoneWolf | Sep 17, 9:21 PM
On closer inspection it looks like Koike just drew the poster for Vanishing line lol. Also its apparently a Garo anime? Also the director did the second season of Garo... *sigh*

Still looks cool though and MAPPA has a decent track record.

LoneWolf | Sep 17, 9:10 PM
Another season another reason to pick up more anime

Fall quickly approaches and the season doesn't look too bad.


Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara Sequel. Always enjoyed this particular shonen. I didn't think a cooking show would be so appealing, but going the shonen angle rather than sol, makes it pretty fun

Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Sequel. Definitely more style over substance, but still should be fun.

Inu Yashiki Fuck yeah, so glad something from the Gantz creator is getting another anime. Hopefully the cgi is not too bad though.

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series Crazy that this is getting a sequel after so many years, but yeah if its anything like the original I'm down.

Osomatsu-san 2 A decent comedy anime, with a lot of variety. Definitely some misses and hits though.

Vanishing Line Apparently the director is some new Korean guy, but I'd know those char designs anywhere. Looks like Takashi Koike will have some involvement in the series so I'm definitely down.


Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi I'm very apprehensive about this. I actually liked where the original ended and this could go really badly... really quickly

Juuni Taisen Looks like some stupid violent fun. I'm not really a fun of these recent chinese anime, but maybe this one is different.

Ousama Game The Animation Another Battle Royale type anime. I haven't read the manga for this, but hopefully its okay? I guess I'll find out.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou The backgrounds and atmosphere look amazing, but the char designs are such cringe... I'm kind of conflicted, but yeah I'll give it a try.

Just Because! Just a wildcard choice tbh, looks pretty average for a slice of life romance type thing.

LoneWolf | Jul 13, 10:33 AM
First impressions for Summer 2017

KingYoshi | Jul 12, 11:27 PM
We haven't done first impression posts in a while, no longer do seasonal threads :( , and I am bored, so fuck it. I didn't expect much from this season, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far. Keep in mind, all of my initial ratings tend to be high and I drop them slowly as the season progresses.


KingYoshi | Jun 25, 7:36 PM
Definitely Watching
New Game 2 - I was happy and surprised to see this get a sequel. Should be as fun as the first season.

Fate/Apocrypha - I don't expect to like this one as much as Zero or UBW, but I still enjoy the Fate series for the most part.

Netsuzou TRap - I was super excited for this until I learned it was only going to have 10 minute episodes :/. 10 minutes of yuri is better than zero minutes I guess.

Ballroom e Youkoso - The PV looked great. I love dance in general. My family's business is dance and competitive dance, so I got pretty excited looking into this one.

THE REFLECTION - Yeah, the Stan Lee connection makes this insta-watch. Even if it isn't great it should be decent.

All/Most Shorts

Maybe Watching/Worth a Look
Kakegurui - MAPPA always deserves an initial check out. The premise is unique enough. I am always a sucker for badass female leads. This sounds like it could be fun.

Koi to Uso - The premise is interesting enough. I'm hoping for some serious romance/melodrama with this one. The PV seemed promising in that regard.

Tsurezure Children - Episodic romcom anime with a large cast seems pretty interesting to me actually. Seems like the cliches and archetypes won't get old/annoying in this format. Could be wrong.

Made in Abyss - The PV's really intrigued me. I am digging the art and animation style. The backgrounds and world look ghibli-like.

Isekai Shokudou - An isekai food porn show? Sounds interesting enough to check out. The visuals seem nice as well.

Nana Maru San Batsu - Competitive Quiz sounds pretty interesting. Will check it out initially.

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu - Will check out because of ufotable. If it isn't high enough level eye-candy, then I doubt I stick with it.

Shoukoku no Altair - Doesn't seem like my thing, but MAPPA.

For the future/If I get caught up with the series...
Owarimonogatari 2 - Still behind on the Monogatari series.

Jigoku Shoujo 4 - Have had this series on my PTW for a while. Need to check it out here soon.

LoneWolf | Jun 24, 12:57 AM
Well its that time of the year again where the nipponese gods bless us with new offerings. What are you guys watching?


Owarimonogatari 2nd Season Been with this franchise for years and while it has never been as good as the first season, I still always end up enjoying something

THE REFLECTION I'm really curious how Stan Lee's involvement in this will turn out. The PV looked pretty interesting and Deen has been on a roll recently.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi One of my favorite episodic horror series. This was back when there was actual animations in horror anime and not just motion comics

Ballroom e Youkoso Anything with a jazz OST gets an auto watch from me. PV looked good too and sounds like an interesting premise in general.


Kakegurui MAPPA + Animation and char design looks really good. Not really sure about the premise, but willing to give it a try.

Shoukoku no Altair MAPPA + Interesting setting. I tend to enjoy historic anime. I could see this going south fast though

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu ufotable + sword fights, sounds like a good good, but ufotable isn't always 100% with their productions *cough*Godeater*cough*

Centaur no Nayami Monster girls has been pretty much my go to "so bad it's good" anime. I don't expect this to be as good as monmosu, but hopefully its still fun

Isekai Shokudou Kind of a wild card the backgrounds in the PV look nice, but it doesn't show much of anything else. Not a big fan of isekai in general, but I'll watch the first ep.

Tsurezure Children Another wild card. I'm not a huge fan of romance, but yeah this looks potentially not terrible lol.

LoneWolf | Mar 24, 9:29 AM
I totally forgot Gundam Thunderbolt was a thing. Just saw the first episode of season 2... omg so amazing. The music is even better than last season and the fights are even more intense. Kinda sad we only get 4 episodes though.

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