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Here you can look for people who want to watch the same shows as you in simul watch mode.

In particular, we are a club for finding someone else to simul watch a show that has already been completed but that you and another member would both like to watch, but we also follow some ongoing shows so there should be something of interest for everyone.

A simul watch can be a great way to clear some of your backlog! Just find someone else with a matching series on your ptw list and drop them a line to see if they'd like to watch it with you! You and your simul watch partner watch the episodes at about the same time (don't forget to take time zone differences into account!) then comment on each other's profile (or some other way) as you finish each episode (spoiler tags are recommended for posting on others walls, on the off chance you accidentally spoil a series for someone else who happens to check your profile). Decide beforehand how many episodes you plan to watch and which days you will both have free. The main purpose of this club is to help users find other users with whom to simul watch and make new friends!

It's a fun experience because it makes you think more about the single episodes if you collect your thoughts about them after each one and it's more personal and responsive than doing it in the episode discussion threads in the subforums.

The Rules:
1. Always use spoiler tags in the designated discussion threads and label them so it is clear if they talk about the whole series or specific episodes.
2. If you refer to a series that is not the currently discussed one you should use additional spoiler tags if necessary, even if the second series is also one we are watching in the club.

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Mujin Wakusei Survive - Simulwatch
KingYoshi - Sep 27
19 replies by Pullman »»
Yesterday, 7:12 PM
Summer 2016: 91 Days
LoneWolf - Jul 12
20 replies by KingYoshi »»
Oct 3, 10:47 PM
Summer 2016: Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi
LoneWolf - Jul 12
11 replies by LoneWolf »»
Oct 2, 9:53 AM
Summer 2016: Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara
LoneWolf - Jul 12
26 replies by Sandileina »»
Sep 30, 6:06 AM
Summer 2016: D.Gray-man Hallow
LoneWolf - Jul 12
19 replies by LoneWolf »»
Sep 30, 12:52 AM

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Club Comments
KingYoshi | Sep 27, 10:50 AM
@tsuyokunaru - Awesome!! Glad to have you. We won't have a strict pace or anything like that, so just feel free to post along whenever you wish. I'm going to try and watch 1 or 2 episodes per day, but likely will be more sporadic as the new season of anime starts.

tsuyokunaru | Sep 27, 9:15 AM
@KingYoshi I'll join in for Mujin Wakusei Survive! I look forward to it.

KingYoshi | Sep 27, 4:33 AM
@LoneWolf - Ok, cool deal, bud. Pullman said he was interested and will try to keep up, though he is pretty busy lately. I'll go ahead and ask in the O/U thread and see if there is any interest. I suppose I'll go ahead and make a thread here for it, so I can give a link to the O/U peeps. Hope that is ok.

Sandileina | Sep 27, 12:22 AM
Oh my god how is it autumn season already what

I am watching too many shows again. Mostly thanks to the large number of sequels and sports stuff this season. That is all. ;______;

LoneWolf | Sep 24, 4:37 PM
Yeah it seems interesting. We could make a thread maybe Pullman could ask some of the OR/UR ppl if they're interested. 52 episodes will take a while to finish though.

KingYoshi | Sep 23, 5:29 AM
I'm going to start watching this:

I don't know if it is something any of you would be interested in simul watching, but it is an older Madhouse and I noticed no one had watched it before. I'm going to be watching it regardless, just figured I'd inquire. It is kind of long though :/

@LoneWolf - No problem, bud. I was bored and looking over all the seasonal, so figured I'd go ahead and post my thoughts. Wish I was caught up on Natsume, but I haven't even started the series yet :P. I added the Working series to my PTW as well. I thought it was on there already, but I guess not. Also, woohoo on giving Flip Flappers a maybe, haha. A couple buddies in my Yuri club have gotten me overly hyped for it. Hopefully, the PV wasn't deceiving, animation-wise.

LoneWolf | Sep 22, 10:05 PM
Thanks for starting Yoshi. Actually slipped my mind that we had to do this for the club. Anyway...

Definitely Watching

Drifters There is already an OVA out of this. It was awesome. I have no doubt the team thats doing this is going to kill it. It might not be the smartest show, but it sure as hell is going to be the most entertaining.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go Natsume is always great. Kinda like Mushishi's really chill younger brother that is trying to follow in his brothers footsteps, but not quite there.

Yuri!!! on Ice Sayo Yamamoto hasn't disappointed yet as a director, plus it's MAPPA. Even if it does end up being Yaoi on Ice, I'm almost guaranteed to like this.

www.Working!! I actually though the last season of Working was the last and it ended in a nice place. I guess not though. I've grown really attached to the cast over the years so I'm curious where they're taking this new season.

Ajin 2nd Season I wasn't a massive fan of the first season, but it was decent and I want to see what this new season has in store for us

Maybe Watching

3-gatsu no Lion Pretty much same reason as Yoshi. Shaft+Honey and Clover creator, seems like it has potential.

All Out!! I'm curious about this. I generally dislike sports series though. Looks like the dudes in this actually have some gains so it might be worth a shot.

Fune wo Amu I'm indeed kinda hoping this will be a modern Rakugo, but amazing shows like that rarely come a long.

Keijo!!! Sometimes I just want to watch something incredibly stupid.

Occultic;Nine Looks like it could actually be kind of good, but I don't have my hopes very high.

Luger Code 1951 Could potentially be decent... but probably gonna be average.

Flip Flappers Interesting animation... thats about it.

KingYoshi | Sep 22, 4:00 AM
Since Summer is soon coming to a close, I have been looking over the Fall season lately. I suppose it is time to post my plans:

Definitely Watching w/ Moderate to High Expectations

Haikyuu!! 3 - Both of the previous seasons were easy 8's for me and I expect this to follow suit.

Occultic;Nine - So, the next "semi-colon" from the folks that brought us Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes and Chaos;Head. I'm definitely excited for this as I have thoroughly enjoyed all of those.

Drifters - That art! That PV! That synopsis! This has AOTS potential and is my "way to early" lead horse for it. Director worked on Jojo as well. I can't wait to see all of the different heroes throughout history ban together. Should be incredibly fun at the very least.

Yuri!!! On Ice - Would be better if the "yuri" in the title was my kind of yuri ;). Still, a competitve ice skating anime should be glorious. Plus, I have tons of faith in MAPPA right now. I would love some yaoi undertones, but should enjoy this either way.

3-gatsu no Lion - Shaft + Same original creator as Honey & Clover. This one sounds like a nice "coming of age " story. We may even get a little shogi action mixed in, idk.

All Out!! - I would love an American Football anime, but Rubgy is the next closest thing. This should interesting. I like just about all sports anime regardless.

Definitely Watching with Low or Unknown Expectations

Ajin 2 - I didn't expect this to get a second season, tbh. Really wasn't crazy about the first season, but it ended on a interesting enough cliffhanger. I'll be watching with low expectations.

Flip Flappers - I don't know what to expect out of this one, but that name is awesome! Also, from what I have saw, it looks like there is a high chance of gay involved in this one. Will have my yuri goggles active :)

Luger Code 1951 - So, this won a Grand Prize Award for "Anime Scenario." Sounds interesting enough. I don't know if this is just going to be a movie or an actual series, but I'll be checking it out either way.

Fune wo Amu - Sami's hopes of this being somewhat like a modern Rakugo got me excited, haha. I don't know if it will even be remotely like that, but I'll be watching to find out. Aside from that, the synopsis sounds unique for sure. That always deserves some attention.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - All girl cast Ping Pong anime? I'm in. No way it even comes close to the great, Ping Pong the Animation, but it should be a lot more gay. I'm hoping for Saki, Ping Pong version, haha.

Shuumatsu no Izedtta - The PV looked really cool and had some awesome yuri-potential. "If I am promised the princess, I will fight for her sake." Both mains are female. Hopefully not getting my hopes up for nothing.

Will likely check out initially, but may or may not stick with them.

Bloodivores - This one sounds really fucking stupid, tbh. Hoping for something so ridiculous that it is entertaining as hell, like Valverave. And hey, this one also has vampires :P

Keijo!!! - Another one that looks/sounds stupid. I know it will be gay enough, but will it be enjoyable enough to stick through? I don't generally like ecchi focused anime, so who knows how long I'll be able to put up with this one.

Trickster - I won't sit through another Ranpo Kitan, so this one will be on thin ice immediately.

ClassicaLoid - Sunrise original mecha where the mechs represent classical musicians (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, etc). This could be glorious or terrible, lol.

Girlish Number - All girl workplace anime. Yuri subtext potential.

Long Riders - All girl sports anime. Yuri subtext potential.

Stella no Mahou - Doujin video games group sounds like it could be neat. Plus, (see previous two anime I listed, haha).

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari - Sounds like it could be kind of similar to Amaama to Inazuma from last season. I enjoy shows like that.

All Shorts - The ones that are subbed/translated, of course.

Everything else I'll hold off on until I hear/read convincing testimony.

Once again, I attempted to lighten my load this upcoming season, but have already failed with this list, lol.

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