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Any new active members?
blazinc - Sep 18
19 replies by teenoli »»
Dec 7, 11:31 AM
Seasonal Animes
blazinc - Nov 9
1 replies by usami9117 »»
Nov 11, 10:12 PM
What anime left the strongest impression on you? And for how long were you hungover it?
ShiroNeko89 - Feb 11, 2014
12 replies by eyerok »»
Oct 8, 9:35 PM
Mano Animation Studios
Ginraku - Oct 1
4 replies by SatsugaiDeAtsu »»
Oct 4, 9:36 PM
Sticky: Current state of the Pakistan Club and the way forward.
Chai_ - Sep 15
0 replies by Chai_ »»
Sep 15, 6:01 PM

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Club Comments
usami9117 | Dec 10, 3:44 AM
Anime Recommendation: "Mairimashita! Iruma-kun" probably the best comedy anime of this season.

blazinc | Dec 6, 7:17 AM
@usami9117 wow thanks for the awesome suggestion, it looks promising I'll give it a try.

usami9117 | Dec 3, 1:17 AM
Anime Recommendation: "Stars Align" just watch the first episode and you will love the story, and its airing now.

Adnan_876 | Nov 30, 4:35 AM
oh and I forgot to mention I am watching Monster now. I have watched 12 episodes by now and the story seems very promising. I will keep updating about it.

Adnan_876 | Nov 30, 4:31 AM
@SatsugaiDeAtsu I watched movie "Your Name" last night. it was such a beautiful movie. I was wondering if there is any anime series like it. Tell me if you know one.

Adnan_876 | Nov 30, 4:28 AM
@SatsugaiDeAtsu wait a sec midterms? LOL i also had midterms last week. Hope you did better than me in your exams haha.

About HxH i have finished it two weeks ago, the show was great but i felt like it is incomplete and then i found the manga is not finished yet and is still ongoing. And yes, yorknew arc was the spider one(phantom troops).

Parasyte maxim, was great. i really enjoyed it, especially the sound tracks were so good.

SatsugaiDeAtsu | Nov 30, 2:25 AM
Hello @usami9117 and @ayanochann ..... glad to have you here and glad to have you back respectively.....

and @Adnan_876 sorry for the delay in reply, was busy with midterms.... and hows the update on hxh ? and yorknewshire arc , was it the spider one ???

and parasite maxim ... wow , thats one of my favs .... so how did you liked that ?

Adnan_876 | Nov 22, 3:18 AM
@ayanochann Hello!

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