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-K0K0- - Oct 2, 2009
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Apr 30, 10:41 AM
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Ahmadather7866 - Dec 25, 2016
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Dramon - Mar 13, 2010
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SSS - Mar 14, 2010
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Jul 18, 2016 7:34 AM

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MundaneKid | 5 hours ago
I can sense some hidden shade being thrown at someone. XD
Well,not so subtle maybe.

Shaharazade | 8 hours ago
not to mention that apart from being unrealistic, said approach is nauseatingly affected with an abnormal degree of self-importance. People with such tendencies are doing no one any disfavour by ignoring them since no one apart from very few, insignificant numbers looking to feed their delusions of grandeur would want to hang out with a bunch of pompous bums.

MundaneKid | 9 hours ago
I'm a biology student but a really good friend of mine is doing CS. So,I do hold some info but it'd be preferred to ask someone with erstwhile experience.

As I said earlier,NUST/FAST is probably your best bet. Followed by COMSATS,GIKI, and so on. Also,if you're financially sound,then LUMS. :)

MundaneKid | 9 hours ago
@smakbar Bad influence exists everywhere. You can't just expect people to act in a way that suits you. I strongly disagree with trance. You can't choose the type of people you're about to meet. Surely,I'd like to have decent people in my company. Those who make me improve. But that's not the case everywhere. Sometimes,you just have to deal with it ; whether you like it or not.

Change is inevitable but so is progress,unless you keep on whining as to why it occurred to you.

Trance | Yesterday, 9:21 AM

Is life about survival?

I can tolerate difference. And the word 'tolerate' is important, because it is an insult. If I have to tolerate you, it means that I don't agree with you but I have to put up with you because of some human values. I don't like being with people I merely 'tolerate'. I prefer to be with people who I appreciate. And don't take this any sort of disability to be with people of differing viewpoints. I can be with them, I just find their company extremely stultifying. I also don't believe that all viewpoints are equal. Some viewpoints belong better in the place where they came from: ass.

Pwntage | May 22, 7:52 PM
@SMAkbar Go to NUST . They have more funds currently so they're investing further and you can get alot of different choices. both places won't have much employment opportunities unless you're a graduate. Then u can do TAship or become a research associate. If you think no one matches u in studies then apply for PIEAS. They will give u the toughest time w.r.t studies these days. There are some other UNI's like MAJU who have previous giki teachers as faculty heads. So quality of education is more regulated there in comparison to other similar tier unis. And i think they have lesser fees as well but i'm not sure about that info. Hope i was of some help.

Shaharazade | May 22, 1:35 PM
@SMAkbar, aapke saadah say sawaal per hum ne aik lambi behas ker li, sorry about that, but I hope that you didn't get more confused. I'm a lawyer and entrepreneur so I guess I should leave any further discussion regarding your university prospects :p All that I know is that these universities (don't forget FAST-NU) are considered prestigious in Pakistan, and the three of them have started incorporating industry trends into their programmes such as encouraging tech entrepreneurship by providing work stations / hardware facilities to undergrads, which is great. I don't know if you heard, NUST organised a lecture and QnA session with the founder of Snapchat a few years ago. You might want to further look into the ORIC at these universities and compare what they've achieved so far.

SMAkbar | May 22, 12:32 PM
Yaar (@Pwntage and @Shaharazade), I was not able to conclude anything from your discussions. Is GIKI a better choice than NUST? Are drugs usual for any big university or are the conditions a lot worst in GIKI? Does GIKI still receive the cream of the country? Where is more research in GIKI or NUST? Where do you have better chance to get to the top after graduating GIKI or NUST? Where do you have a better chance to make good connections GIKI or NUST? Where do you have better internships opportunities in GIKI or NUST? Lastly, in case I have to find employment to pay university fees, what type of employment opportunities will I have if any in GIKI and NUST? Hopefully, for me, it is not difficult to get into any university despite the competition. Finance is a bigger factor.

I agree with you @Trance, it is very important to be friends with people with aims and goals but the rest of what you said about being a machine and mentally stagnate is a bit weird for me. How can you be even mature if you are not forced into a company of person different than you are? Well, handling differences is not a problem for me or for most of the people who I know. Especially, if you are living in Karachi. You have all kinds of people here with all kinds of ethical and financial backgrounds, and with all the different natures, how are you going to survive here? True friends are 2 to 3 but friendship is for all, there is no point in making enemies. And one last thing, I don't know how mature you are and whether you a university student, an employee or just a kid, if you are afraid of the difference it means you have never been put out of your comfort zone. I will suggest you better by choice than circumstances.

Thank you all for your responses. And a very awkward request, if you can, please mention your profession as well. It will really help me know the origins of your thoughts and conclusions.

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