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Beloved Puppyshipping - obsession, addiction, forbidden love and desire is what it's all about.

SetoxKatsuya, JounouchixKaiba, SetoxJoey, KaibaxWheeler, MasterxMutt.

However you call them, love them...together? Then what do you need to do? Just click that little button and add them to your groups/clubs. Come on you know you want to ;)

10 reasons how you know that you're a puppyshipping fan...

1) Most of your favorite stories in the Yugioh category consist of puppyshipping.

2) Every time Seto and Katsuya have a fight, you say 'Aw, how sweet! A lover's quarrel!'

3) When someone argues that Seto and Katsuya hate each other, you get right in their face and say "There's a fine line between love and hate, my friend!"

4) When you watch the two of them duel, you just sigh and say, "When will they learn that this is just another way to express their love?"

5) You mainly search for puppyshipping images on websites.

6) You wish that there was some videos about them (kissing, things like that)

7) When Katsuya slipped off of Tristan's shoulder and Seto grabbed him, your eyes widened and you said "YES! FINALLY!"

8) Every time Seto's stupid fangirl's hit on him, you scream, "Bitches! Seto is Katsuya's and his alone!"

9) You wish that they hooked up in the series.


If you do all that is listed above then you know you're a true supporter and that you must join this group <3

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Ose_93 | Apr 30, 2012 8:11 PM
Should we make a club banner? I have a tiny bit of photoshop skills... XD

Puppyshipper | Apr 30, 2012 4:01 AM
Thanks, I didn't know which to choose, I have so many. Well a fellow puppyshipper needs to join the group though I admit nothing much happens...there just wasn't one and that bothered me aha so I had to create a group^^

Ose_93 | Apr 29, 2012 9:19 PM
Nice choice for the club photo! Thank you for the invite. C:

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