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Sticky: Poll: Magico Manga Discussion
DarkWerWolf - Aug 15, 2011
3 replies by underoath777 »»
Feb 9, 2012 8:51 AM

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ultimateninjax | Oct 26, 2012 11:23 AM
i think it was the concept of "they can always repair their bonds and I mean luu shion emma and the dragon already found each other.

AlmazHiro | Aug 14, 2012 7:07 AM
Epilouge is out.
It was a great chapter though the ending was quite sad. Though they're won't be any new chapters now

underoath777 | Jun 30, 2012 9:55 AM
yes. will be looking for next work )

AlmazHiro | Jun 30, 2012 7:35 AM
Hm sounds good, hope it has a brilliant story and characters like this one did.

underoath777 | Jun 29, 2012 6:02 PM
nope, it was said that he(or she) was planning something new, so.. now i'll be waiting for his new material )

AlmazHiro | Jun 29, 2012 1:36 PM
? Latest released chapter in SJ is the last?
Oh thats just depressing =/ This manga is so much better than a lot of other mangas that are out.
I hope the mangaka moves to another magazine so it can continue.

Mormegil | Jun 27, 2012 7:06 PM
Wait. It's over? The last chapter was in this week's SJ?

Sad if true. The manga had a lot of potential.

underoath777 | Jun 27, 2012 2:27 PM
So.. It really ends.. really sad for me.. never get japanese boys.. where were they looking? this manga was just really good..

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