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Poll: [POLL] Monster Girl of the Month: March
MetallumOperatur - Feb 20
9 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
40 minutes ago
[GAME] Would you date this monster girl? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
dcw2021 - Mar 13, 2015
460 replies by tterreb »»
Feb 23, 3:52 PM
Sticky: [MSG] Monster Girl Survival Game: Introduction, Rules, & Lore
MetallumOperatur - Feb 20
0 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
Feb 20, 4:18 PM
[DISCUSSION] What if Monster Girl Quest became an Anime?
RocketeerRaccoon - Nov 18, 2016
18 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
Feb 20, 3:36 PM
[OTHER] Monster Girl of the Month
MetallumOperatur - Jan 16
6 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
Feb 20, 3:34 PM

Club Comments
MetallumOperatur | 39 minutes ago
@Ookami-51 I guess that does make sense. You can give it a shot, see how it works out.

Ookami-51 | Feb 22, 7:14 PM
The character is making the transition from being me, to the character of the story. Make sense?

MetallumOperatur | Feb 22, 4:22 PM
@Ookami-51 Well usually I find 1st person stories a more pleasant read than 3rd person ones, but if the 3rd person serves a specific symbolic purpose then it could work.

Kusagami142268 | Feb 22, 6:54 AM
Take these presents if you didn't receive anything like me.

Ookami-51 | Feb 21, 3:24 PM
The whole reason isn't as simple as more information. I need the practice in third person to say the least, not to mention I hope for it to be symbolic.

MetallumOperatur | Feb 21, 10:56 AM
@Ookami-51 that depends on the reason why you would switch to third person. If it's to give some insight into what others are thinking then perhaps occasionally swapping the POV might solve the problem better than going 3rd person would.

Clarus_Nox | Feb 21, 10:26 AM
from a professional stand point, yes it is a bad move

for here? go head with what's easier for you. you won't get any hate for it or anything

Ookami-51 | Feb 20, 7:44 PM
Hey I need some input on my story. I want to switch over from first to third person. Do you guys think that'd be a bad move? Ya or nay?

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