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[MSG] Tterreb's Story
tterreb - Mar 31
16 replies by tterreb »»
27 minutes ago
[GAME] Would you date this monster girl? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
dcw2021 - Mar 13, 2015
483 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
34 minutes ago
[MSG] Ocu's story
Ocu - Apr 14
7 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
42 minutes ago
[MSG] Greatgreenman's Story
greatgreenman - Mar 19
47 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
52 minutes ago
Poll: [POLL] Monster Girl of the Month June; Mon Musume Edition
MetallumOperatur - May 13
2 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
55 minutes ago

Club Comments
MetallumOperatur | 28 minutes ago

MetallumOperatur | 57 minutes ago

Uncrowned_King | 5 hours ago

greatgreenman | May 14, 8:39 PM
I'm not dead, just lots of work and study recently :/... but I did just post two more updates if anyone is interested lol.

Ookami-51 | May 13, 8:52 PM
Scratch that, I'm trying to hunt down the chat on Skype but it's giving me some trouble for some reason.

Ookami-51 | May 13, 5:54 PM
Sure, what is your name on skype? You won't be able to find me anymore because I had to make a new profile

MetallumOperatur | May 13, 5:20 PM
@Ookami-51 I'm somewhat decent at brainstorming. Perhaps we can talk over Skype.

Also a new would you date this monster girl:

Name: Senna
Species: Alraune
Personality: Curious, Generous
Likes: Being Told Stories, Honey Bee Girls
Dislikes: Wearing Clothes
Favorite Techniques: Suckling
Series: MGE

Have you ever wondered where an Alraune's nectar comes from? Well, here is your chance to find out! This free spirited girl is more than willing to let you have a taste of her sweet nectar, as she has plenty of it. Odds are that a date with this girl gets interrupted by one or more honey bee girls in search for her sweet fluids. But, sharing is caring, right? Senna is as generous as her curves and she has no problem sharing you with whomever comes to visit, and visitors she gets plenty. And should by some miracle no visitors show up. Then fear not, as this curious girl is down to pretty much everything as long as you tell her a story about the world beyond her meadow afterwards. "This seems too good to be true. What's the catch?", you might ask. Well there is just only one teeny tiny thing: being an Alraune does mean she is stationary.

So, would you date this monster girl?

Ookami-51 | May 13, 4:17 PM
I will take this as a chance to rewrite but I'd like to ask for a partner for this or I'll be completely lost. Sense of direction has a solid zero

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