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Poll: [POLL]Next MSG of the Month
MetallumOperatur - Mar 23
0 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
11 hours ago
[MSG] Tsunami's story
TsunamiSeeker - May 7, 2018
31 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
Yesterday, 5:51 PM
[MSG] MetallumOperatur's Story: A Brave New World ( 1 2 )
MetallumOperatur - Mar 22, 2017
95 replies by emeraldtryst »»
Mar 13, 1:51 PM
[MSG] Emeraldtryst's Story 3 - Lust and Legend
emeraldtryst - Jul 20, 2017
35 replies by emeraldtryst »»
Mar 13, 1:49 PM
[MSG] mugen's Story ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
mugen91 - Aug 1, 2017
301 replies by mugen91 »»
Mar 12, 12:29 PM

Club Comments
MetallumOperatur | 1 hour ago
Since it has been a while since the previous vote for the previous monster girl of the month vote, I decided to keep the vote for the next monster girl of the month simple:

Will you join the light side or the dark side? Vote HERE!

TsunamiSeeker | Feb 10, 1:58 PM
Since this is the month of the orcs/high orcs I figure now is the perfect time to share one of my guilty pleasure fanfictions that stars and focuses on them...

Although I should give you a heads up... There are A LOT of grammatical errors and typos in this piece of work. So much so that it's easy to believe that no one proofread any of this ONCE before making it available for the general public. Almost like English either wasn't their first language or they were just so excited to post that they couldn't wait to do so.

But having said that, it's still a personal favourite of mine. I enjoy the ideas presented, the rather interesting take and exploration of what a MGE style orc society and hierarchy might be like, and of course I would be lying if I said I didn't love the H-scenes...

So I just thought I'd share if anyone hadn't read it yet. XD

MetallumOperatur | Feb 8, 7:04 PM
Monster Girls of the Month February: (High) Orc

Better late than never. This month we celebrate the year of the pig by making both the Orc and the High Orc or monster girl of the month February!

As always, sharing pictures, H-scenes, vignettes, or whatever else involving (High) Orcs that you can think off is more than welcome!
As is tradition, let me kick off with a gallery:

Direct link to the Imgur gallery:

MetallumOperatur | Feb 8, 7:04 PM
@CLYDESDALE I'm glad you like it.

@PsychoDiesel48 You're welcome :-)

CLYDESDALE | Feb 4, 4:40 PM
Not sure if it's new, but i love the layout. Long time no see.

PsychoDiesel48 | Feb 4, 4:06 PM
Thanks for the hookup my dude ;) @MetallumOperatur ;)

MetallumOperatur | Feb 4, 3:54 AM
A new monster girl encyclopedia entry has been released: the myconid.

It's the first nsfw profile pic for an MGE entry that has been released. It had to be censored for the fandom pag. Luckily, I have an uncensored one for you all!

MetallumOperatur | Feb 4, 3:47 AM
A bit late, but nevertheless welcome @PsychoDiesel48 !

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