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Linky Goodness!
tygertyger - Jan 23
14 replies by tygertyger »»
Oct 15, 6:08 AM
Sticky: [MSG] Monster Girl Survival Game: Discussion Thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Subenu - Sep 7, 2013
2,584 replies by venomwolf »»
Oct 14, 4:26 AM
Honorary Monstergirl Competition VII: Titillations
tygertyger - May 21
37 replies by tygertyger »»
Oct 8, 6:12 AM
Poll: HMG 7 Peoples' Choice
tygertyger - Aug 22
7 replies by tygertyger »»
Sep 28, 5:33 PM
[MSG] MetallumOperatur's Story: A Brave New World ( 1 2 3 )
MetallumOperatur - Mar 22, 2017
138 replies by venomwolf »»
Sep 10, 9:30 AM

Club Comments
Konnoisseur | Sep 14, 7:06 AM
The Creeping Coin girl looks like a million bucks.
had to do it to em

MetallumOperatur | Sep 6, 11:59 AM
The Creeping Coin entry is now translated. Quite the interesting entry if you ask me.

MetallumOperatur | Sep 4, 4:15 PM
Monster Girls of the Month September: Rat and Mouse Girls

Lunar new year was already more than half a year ago, therefore it is long overdue that we dedicate a month to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Prepare to trade cheese for cheeks, and beware of the mouse traps!

As always, sharing pictures, H-scenes, vignettes, or whatever else involving Rat and Mouse monster girls that you can think off is more than welcome!
Lets kick off with these two iconic Japanese mouse girl adds before moving on to the gallery!

Direct link to the Imgur gallery:

MetallumOperatur | Sep 4, 3:01 PM
Another new MGE entry was released just recently. Whether she's a lucky find or a dime in a dozen remains to be seen. I present to you the Creeping Coin:

MetallumOperatur | Sep 4, 2:55 PM
So we're definitely late on the band wagon with this one, but a new MGE entry was released a while ago. Meet the Wonderworm:

Subenu | Aug 17, 8:36 AM

MetallumOperatur | Jul 26, 1:08 AM
@Darkness-Ryu Hello to you too. Been a while since I saw you here. How's life?

Darkness-Ryu | Jul 25, 8:18 PM
Hello, hello, hello!

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