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Would you date this monster girl? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
dcw2021 - Mar 13, 2015
360 replies by tterreb »»
6 hours ago
Sticky: [MSG] Story & Chapter Updates ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Subenu - Jun 22, 2014
510 replies by aspicientis »»
Yesterday, 10:53 AM
Cards Against Humanity: Monster girls
dcw2021 - Nov 16, 2015
31 replies by Clarus_Nox »»
Sep 20, 10:05 AM
Honorary Monstergirl Competition III: The Search for Sphinx ( 1 2 3 )
tygertyger - Jul 2
121 replies by tygertyger »»
Sep 18, 9:36 PM
Poll: Honorary Monstergirl Competition III: Final Round!
tygertyger - Aug 28
35 replies by tygertyger »»
Sep 6, 8:19 PM

Club Comments
dcw2021 | Yesterday, 4:57 PM

Name: Lihitinu
Species: Centaur
Personality: Tsundere, Innocent
Likes: Being brushed, Racing
Dislikes: Perverts
Favorite Techniques: "How dare you ask me that!"
Series: Monster Girl Quest Paradox.

"It's not like I want to date you or anything." Can a single phrase tell you more about this girl? I think everyone here knows exactly what they are getting into when they go on a date with this girl. She is a proud centaur warrior who has trained all her life to perform high speed attacks with her spear. After a long day of training she enjoys eating carrots and running through a wide open field to relax. She may not admit to it but she would enjoy it if you were to accompany her on her run. Just do not expect to ride her! She is a proud centaur, not a common horse, riding her is a privilege reserved exclusively for the one she is going to marry. But enough about the bedroom... "Die you pervert!" Whoa! Whoa! I think that is all the time we have for Ahh!!!

Would you date this monster girl?! "Die!"

Clarus_Nox | Yesterday, 12:06 PM
A minecraft server is up that I have, with the help of my girlfriend, built a building in my story in.

Here is the server address for anyone who'd like to come look at it.

We built it using the sphax skin, but if you have a preferred skin on your account I'd assume it'd still look fine.

For anyone without a minecraft account, I can make a video of the building later, just PM so I can give you the link.

dcw2021 | Sep 21, 6:07 PM

Clarus_Nox | Sep 20, 10:06 AM

MetallumOperatur | Sep 20, 7:47 AM
Fluff on the beach:

MetallumOperatur | Sep 18, 3:40 PM
This was long overdue: Chapter 9 - Clever Girl - Part 1
Hope ya all like it.

dcw2021 | Sep 18, 1:22 PM

Name: Fleesia
Species: Alraune
Personality: Calm, Stubborn
Likes: People who appreciate her smell.
Dislikes: Violence.
Favorite Techniques: Pollination
Series: Monster Girl Quest Paradox.

Hello and welcome to another episode of would you date this monster girl. Some of you may be wondering why I am wearing a gas mask right now. Well, it is only so I'm not knocked off my feet by her lovely scent before any of our viewers have a chance to call in. I tell you what though if you love the sent of carrion then she is your dream girl. But even if that particular blend is not your cup of tea the hypnotic effect it has will still bring you in so you can indulge in it util your eyes are absolutely watering with joy. After her sweet scent has ruined you for all other smells you can spread the love by taking her out on the town. Going on a date with her has many unique benefits. Long line at the amusement park? The line just got shorter. Got lousy seat for the play? You've practically got the place to yourself. Forget to make reservations at that fancy restaurant? A seat is now available, just remember to tip your waiters generously. And when you are done with the day and ready to get the excitement of the night going you can just relax as she guides you through her unique process, enjoying both of her heads as she takes care of both of yours.

So, would you date this monster girl?

tterreb | Sep 17, 12:56 PM
I would let her eat it... How do you say no to a face like that?

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