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[MFF] Spirit Of The Wolf
Ookami-51 - May 17
20 replies by TsunamiSeeker »»
3 hours ago
[MSG] MetallumOperatur's Story: A Brave New World ( 1 2 3 )
MetallumOperatur - Mar 22, 2017
110 replies by tygertyger »»
Jun 16, 9:49 PM
[MSG] Moni's Ballad
MoniStar - Apr 10, 2017
26 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
Jun 11, 5:14 PM
Sticky: [MSG] Monster Girl Survival Game: Discussion Thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Subenu - Sep 7, 2013
2,544 replies by tygertyger »»
Jun 10, 9:58 PM
Honorary Monstergirl Competition VI: The Undeflowered Humpty
tygertyger - Jun 5
3 replies by MetallumOperatur »»
Jun 6, 5:17 PM

Club Comments
MetallumOperatur | Jun 11, 7:47 AM
@Subenu mermaids are indeed known for being wet most of the time ;-)

Subenu | Jun 9, 5:11 AM
looking sweet and wet :D

MetallumOperatur | Jun 7, 12:38 AM
Monster Girls of the Month June: Mermaid

This month we honour a monster girl that is sea-level rise proof and comes with a mandatory seashell bikini: the mermaid. So without further ado let us dive straight to ten thousand leagues under the sea!

As always, sharing pictures, H-scenes, vignettes, or whatever else involving mermaids that you can think off is more than welcome!
As is tradition, let me kick off with a gallery:

Direct link to the Imgur gallery:

MetallumOperatur | Jun 2, 4:45 AM
@DenpaWan You can't go wrong with touching fluffy tail!

As for the MGotM, we already had a Kitsunemimi month a while back, you can check those out in these posts:

For June I already have another monster girl planned, but since you made good points about kitsunemimis getting screen time in new anime series it shall be one of the options to vote on for July.

MetallumOperatur | Jun 2, 4:27 AM
@Mad_Matt You are welcome! Here have another one ;-)

A parting gift the Dark Side:

DenpaWan | May 30, 1:14 PM
Make the MGotM one of my favorites, fox girls! Or kitsune, kitsunemimi, kyuubi no kitsune, whatever you wanna call them. There has been a couple notable anime featuring fox girls recently like Konohana Kitan and now even the Senko-san anime, so I think it's due. Remember to always touch fluffy tail!

Mad_Matt | May 27, 2:27 PM
Thank You for the treats. 8D

Ookami-51 | May 17, 3:42 PM
It's quite here.

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