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Would you date this monster girl? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
dcw2021 - Mar 13, 2015
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Oct 19, 9:15 PM
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Subenu - Jun 22, 2014
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Subenu - Sep 7, 2013
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Club Comments
Clarus_Nox | Oct 22, 12:14 AM

i cant find all 3 parts to MGQ in english so here is the entire set fully translated(please do support the creator though same site as above)

DazzAntoni | Oct 21, 3:15 PM
Ok, I'll probably just wait for the last patch then, that's not terribly far away. Can you link to where I can get it? If I'm buying it I wanna make sure it's going to the right people XD

Clarus_Nox | Oct 21, 1:16 PM
Paradox is a re-make, similar but not exact same story. They are both available for purchase, and the final(?) English patch should be out by Christmas for paradox if I understood DCW correctly(he is one of the people working on the patch)

DazzAntoni | Oct 21, 10:53 AM
Question to those who have played MGQ and MGQ Paradox--should I finish MGQ completely before starting Paradox?
From what I've read it looks like kinda a sequel but more an alternate story, so I was wondering if it's ok to play both side by side depending on what kind of game I'm in the mood for.

Also, if someone could give me a link of where to get it, apparently the one I used doesn't work.

Princess_Hime | Oct 16, 9:46 PM
yeah no fuck you

dcw2021 | Oct 16, 5:32 PM

Name: Rachnee
Species: Arachne
Personality: Sadistic
Likes: Eating
Dislikes: Being bored.
Favorite Techniques: Hehehe, I wonder?
Series: Monster Girl Quest/Monster Girl Quest Paradox.

This girl was bored so she decided to cast her net here, so to speak. But do not get caught in it! Anything caught in her web is eaten, no exceptions. So please remember to carefully step around any webbing she might spin during the course of your date. Once you avoid that obstacle you will find that she is very low maintenance. She basically spends all day waiting for prey to get caught in her web so she is easy to find, and she does not get out very much so she is easily entertained. Get her to like you well enough and she just might spend a special web to use on you. I hope you like BDSM as you perform the ultimate trust exercise... Just remember to have treated her to dinner first, and no you do not have to release an animal into her web.

So, would you date this monster girl?

Clarus_Nox | Oct 15, 11:48 AM
hi su

ALBRRA-H-D | Oct 15, 10:16 AM
hi add me Monster Girls (*_^)

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