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Would you date this monster girl? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
dcw2021 - Mar 13, 2015
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6 hours ago
Poll: Honorary Monstergirl Competition III: Final Round!
tygertyger - Aug 28
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tygertyger - Aug 21
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tygertyger - Jul 2
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tygertyger - Aug 21
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Aug 21, 5:15 PM

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Clarus_Nox | 4 hours ago

Berserker1037 | 5 hours ago

dcw2021 | 6 hours ago

Name: Fell
Species: Fairy
Personality: Playful, Mischievous
Likes: Flowers, Elves, Playing
Dislikes: Scary things, Meanies
Favorite Techniques: Flowers!
Series: Monster Girl Quest/Monster Girl Quest Paradox.

Hello and welcome to fairy awareness week. I need a better agent... I mean, which lucky viewer is going to date our special fairy guest. For those at home who cannot see our guest it is important to note that fairies are invisible to people who have strong prejudices cause by faith. I little specific, I know, but if you cannot see her your faith is turning you into a bit of a hard-ass. Stop having blind faith in whatever the gods say and start enjoying nature for how it is, I even know of some great medicinal herbs that will have you seeing fairies in no time. I feel we got on a bit of a tangent, so what makes this fairy an excellent date? Well she is a girl of little needs. Doesn't need much space or food and definitely clothes so she is the perfect date for those on a budget. In fact she would love nothing more than to go out into the forest to frolic and play in the flowers every day. Just be careful because she likes to play pranks and she has a lot of energy, if you don't like to play then this is not the girl for you. It is also worth noting that she is only a few inches tall so don't expect much physical companionship. But she is incredibly curious and willing to experiment so who knows what can happen.

So, would you date this monster girl?

Clarus_Nox | 7 hours ago
Will nobody else contribute?

Guess Metal and I are the only ones who get to enjoy Miss Nekomata's cooking.

MetallumOperatur | Aug 27, 1:27 AM
Neat, wouldn't mind spending a day at the beach with her.

Now some love for a girl that rarely receives any love here:

Clarus_Nox | Aug 27, 12:02 AM
A nice day at the beach with a sea dragon,

MetallumOperatur | Aug 26, 5:15 PM
C'mon everyone post some pictures :-D
Let me set the example. NSFW slimes don't need no clothes.

dcw2021 | Aug 22, 5:12 PM

Name: Marion
Species: Dark Elf
Personality: Sadistic
Likes: Using her tentacle for things
Dislikes: Violence
Favorite Techniques: Tentacles
Series: Monster Girl Quest/Monster Girl Quest Paradox.

Stuck at the bottom of the social ladder, this elf studied black magic so she may improve her economic standing. Eventually she learned how to use demonic energy to grow a tentacle from her body and before long it became a permanent appendage she could control with more skill than even her own two hands. But if you are familiar with hentai then you can probably guess where this is going. It is only so long that someone can have a tentacle before they decide to use it on someone and the stuck up elves who stubbornly try to hide their own desires make targets that are just to tempting to resist. She quickly fell to darkness and was exiled from her home. But she did not let it get her down, she had had her fun with the stubborn elves and it was time hunt new prey. Who it be a young virgin who's body is more honest than they are? Would it be someone who would beg for more with ever cares with her skillful tentacle? She still upholds her elven duty to protect the forest but other than that the world is hers and she does not have to be ashamed to admit that she loves it when they squirm.

So, would you date this monster girl?

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