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Club Comments
Lotus97 | Jul 26, 7:26 PM
I got a letter from my insurance company saying I could get a $50 gift card or something for taking the vaccine so I'll probably get it, but I want to do some research first.

@GregRocks Yo. Nice to hear from you again. (Greg is a 20+ OG - well, 20+ Season 2, but still from our early days)

@miyazawa_rin heyas

Tongue | Jul 7, 11:19 AM


miyazawa_rin | Jul 1, 4:59 PM
just stopping by to say hello XD

GregRocks | Jun 19, 3:15 PM
@lotus ill probability get it soon after my next check up with my dr to see how it would interact with my blood pressure meds

encephalic | May 29, 5:42 AM
Should depend on what kind of chronic illness you have and what kind of treatment you're starting, I imagine. My view is that the earlier one can get vaccinated now, the better.

I'm also fully vaccinated now. Great relief. Feels like we may soon be done with the worst of this and can finally go back to normal lives.

Lotus97 | May 23, 2:13 PM
I don't the regular Chinese restaurants sell ice cream and cake here either, but the Chinese buffets usually have that type of thing. Some even have pizza, but most of the stuff is normal Chinese restaurant stuff.

There's a vlog channel I watch where the guy got covid and lost his sense of taste and smell for several weeks. Kind of scary. I'm still waiting to see what the experiences are of other people with chronic illness. There are some treatments for my illness that I'm planning on getting soon and I'm not sure if I should get vaccinated first.

Freiya | Apr 29, 12:20 PM
@Lotus97 Yes! I got my second dose yesterday actually. I'd strongly advise you get it ASAP, though I understand completely wanting to wait and see as well, ofc. But it's nice having the second dose already, it really feels like the end to this crap is a bit more tangible this way.

Freiya | Apr 29, 12:19 PM
@svtcobrastang wow if you hadn't said so yourself, I wouldn't have noticed you were even here.
P.S. you're interacting already.

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