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Club Comments
Shana_Ghoul | 4 hours ago
Thank you! I will definitely give a try, as long as it has romance in it I'm fine with it. It doesn't matter to me if its old or takes a while to develop, as long as it there. I just finished Eureka 7, which i heard had romance the type I'm looking for with confession or the other as in kiss, and I must say i wasn't dissapointed! It took a while, but it was great! I'm gonna see if i kind find some similar to that as well! I was going to give Eureka 7 Ao a try but I've heard bad things about it, and i saw few episodes which didn't explain much. There's one anime that has dissapointed me in romance, it was Black God, if you finished it, you know what i mean.

Lotus97 | Yesterday, 1:46 PM
@Shana_Ghoul Ayashi no Ceres seems is more adult-oriented (I haven't watched Karin so I can't say for sure) although it does have "shoujo" as a genre tag, but it is supernatural romance so it's sort of similar:
There is one scene in one of the first episodes that has graphic violence. I don't know why it only got a 7.36 score, but my guess is that it's partially due to it being an older show (2000)

Shana_Ghoul | May 27, 5:20 PM
Ohh ok i was hoping there was romance that's actually there, since it was labeled romance lol. I'll try that club and see if there's any romance clubs as well, hopefully they don't recommend harem xD

goran1989 | May 27, 3:17 PM
its not out of place :) but sadly I cant remember lol
since I rated it 7 it was OK I guess.. nothing special
for stuff like this I recommend you "Recommendation Club"..

Shana_Ghoul | May 27, 3:36 AM
Hello everyone! I had a quick question,has anyone watched the anime"Chibi Vampire" or in english "Karin"? I wanted to know if it has romance, such as a kiss, or admit their feelings? If you could message me with then answer that be great just so no one would be spoiled lol. Also if you have any recommendations around for romance where they kiss or admit their feelings would be great . No harem please, Unless it is like The Familiar Zero, which if you have seen you know what i mean lol. Sorry if put this comment in a place where it wasnt suppose to be.

encephalic | May 26, 2:08 PM
Thanks, Lotus. That satisfied what curiousity I had about Eurovision this time around.

Lotus97 | May 23, 6:03 PM
For anyone who missed Eurovision

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