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Welcome to the Aria Fanclub.
Primarily a fanclub dedicated to the series Aria in its various forms, now expanded to envelope all the works of Amano Kozue, in particular her new work Amanchu!.

So, Come join us in our discussions and subject yourself to cutting double entendre the likes of which you could only find in a preschool.

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Poll: Favorite Undine? ( 1 2 3 4 )
Lunaria - Feb 6, 2008
187 replies by St_Haborym »»
Apr 3, 2:16 PM
Aria Aqua Ritmo
DreamingBeats - Mar 6
0 replies by DreamingBeats »»
Mar 6, 11:30 AM
Can you look at Akari the same way again after reading this?
FynbelleSinclair - Apr 8, 2012
15 replies by St_Haborym »»
Jan 8, 3:12 AM
aria - favourite episode
kmiko - Oct 15, 2007
39 replies by Office_Worker_B »»
Aug 5, 2015 4:35 PM
Poll: favourite season?
sugarplumfairy - May 5, 2008
49 replies by santk »»
Apr 8, 2015 5:03 PM

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Club Comments
Solais | Sep 24, 6:51 AM
One day, I'll catch up with the seasons. Still mostly in the Spring. :P

santk | Sep 23, 6:12 PM
well... amanchu was enjoyable, best SoL of the season?

Fox | Sep 23, 2:15 PM
It's over :(

Season 2 plz.

Fox | Sep 10, 2:45 AM
There can never be enough ARIA.
I would love to see a continuation focused on the new girls.

Meanwhile Teko's old friends in Amanchu were mighty familiar sounding~
Hopefully the anime will cover the chapter where they come to visit.

Solais | Aug 30, 12:18 AM
Also, yesterday I finally watched Avvenire. Yes, I know all 3 of them were out for months now, but before that, I HAD to rewatch the entire series first from the BD!

Man, I really need more of this. I just want to see the adventures of the new trio. What I love about them that somehow they are different from the original trio and yet.... they are the same "flavor". Kinda noticed the same about the Traghetto Girls back then, it seems every company got a "flavor".

Also I have to say, the end-part of the third episode was really beautifully done.

Btw, Ai-chan got a full name now: Aino Ai.

Solais | Aug 29, 5:57 PM
Would be still great if the Avvenire Sound Novels were translated, because basically more episodes!

But that's true about all the Drama CDs and the stories in the Radio Show as well (which just got re-released, with new content, apparently; though, from what I have, it seems that only the first Radio Show was "in character", while the rest were just the VA's talking about the anime).

mecharobot | Aug 27, 7:08 PM
I do know for a fact that there are 3-4 drama cd eps translated. Also with Avvenire, there is a special chapter added in the manga, a rather nice one, so I suggest fans to check that out.

Solais | Aug 26, 5:09 PM
There's just still so many ARIA goodness left untranslated. Or even, not yet found.

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