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Kiramune (Kiramu-n) was first established in April, 2009 (with CONNECT's first album release) from Lantis and Bandai Visual. Kiramune is a mix of "Kira Kira (sparkling)", "community", and "music", and is a company to build up artists as singers. Kiramune Members: First: CONNECT (Iwata Mitsuo and Suzumura Kenichi) CONNECT Official Site - CONNECT (Album) - FIGHTING SPIRITS (Single) - rasterizer (Mini Album) - Say Hello (Song for the Event, later included in Juu Sensha MEN) - Juu Sensha MEN (Mini-Album) - CONNECT no Tanoshii Ongaku (Mini-Album) - Ningen! Jetter Ningen (Mini-Album) Second: Irino Miyu Miyu Irino Official Site (Including His Own Blog In Kiramune Site) - Soleil (Mini Album) - Faith (Single) - JUMP (Single) - vivid (Album) - Advance (Mini Album) - cocoro (Mini Album) - E=mc² (Mini Album) - Boku no Mitsuketa Mono (Mini Album) - Uso to Mirai to (Single) - DARE TO DREAM (Album) - FREEDOM (Single) - Live Your Dream (Mini Album) Third: Kamiya Hiroshi Hiroshi Kamiya Official Site - Harenohi (Mini Album) - For myself (Single) - Nijiiro Chouchou (Single) - Harezora (Album) - Such a beautiful affair (Single) - Hareiro (Mini Album) - START AGAIN (Single) - Hareyon (Mini Album) - Haregou (Mini Album) - Hareroku (Mini Album) - Danger Heaven? (Single) - Theater (Mini Album) - Izm Rhythm (Digital Song) - Kamisama Connection (Single) - TOY BOX (Mini Album) - CUE (Mini Album) Fourth: Namikawa Daisuke Daisuke Namikawa Official Site (Blog From Outside Kiramune Site) - I.D. (Mini Album) - ROOTERS (Mini Album) - UTAO (Single) - Ring (Mini Album) - Jump Out Loud (Single) - Recollection (Single) - Elements (Album) - ELEVATION (Mini-Album) - My Treasure (Single) - Sai (Mini-Album) - TRISING (Single) - Picture (Mini-Album) - HIYAKE! Dancing (Single) Fifth: Kakihara Tetsuya (First announced and appeared in KAmiYU in Wonderland in July, 2010) Tetsuya Kakihara Official Site (Blog From Outside Kiramune Site) - still on Journey (Mini Album) - CONTINUOUS (Mini Album) - String of pain (Single) - Call Me (Mini Album) - GENERATIONS (Single) - Dandigi Dan (Mini Album) - Saichai na (Single) - orange (Album) - Susumasero! (Single) - Circle of LIFE (Mini Album) - Tokonatsu Wave (Single) - DIAMOND BEAT (Single) - I for U (Album) - United Star (Mini Album) - GET OVER HERE (Mini Album) Sixth: Okamoto Nobuhiko (Announced on his birthday on Kiramune site on 2011) Nobuhiko Okamoto Official Site - Palette (Mini Album) - Enjoy☆Full (Mini Album) - PSP Game Koibana Days OP&ED Single (Special Single w. Trignal) - Shunkan Beat (Single) - Parading (Mini Album) - Questory (Mini Album) - Kimi no Egao Boku no Egao (Single) - 8piece (Album) - Sacrament (Single) - Melty Halloween (Single) - Braverthday (Mini Album) - Kiseki no Kiseki (Single) Seventh: Yoshino Hiroyuki (Announced on Kiramune 5th Anniversary on Kiramune site on 2013) Yoshino Hiroyuki Official Site - Get Set (Mini-Album) - Do It (Single) - Peace (Mini-Album) - CYCLE (Mini-Album) - DRAMATIC SURF COASTER (Single) - Bye-Bye☆Ceremony (Single) - Emotional (Mini-Album) - Rainy Nighter (Single) - Jounetsu Anthology (Single) - Adolescence (Single) Specials: 1. KAmiYU (Irino Miyu and Kamiya Hiroshi) (KAmiYU) - my Proud,my Play! (Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G BD Special CD) - Kokoro no Tobira (One-Song Only Single, Only Sold @ Kirafes 2010. Later included in link-up) - link-up (Mini Album, including Kokoro no Tobira) - REASON (Single, Karneval ED) - Road to Wonderland (Mini-Album) 2. Net Radio 1 (Kira Kira Beat /Trignal no Kira Kira Beat R) Personalities: Trignal (Eguchi Takuya, Kimura Ryohei, and Yonaga Tsubasa) Twitter @kirakirabeat_r - PARTY (Mini-Album) - PSP Game Koibana Days OP&ED Single (Special Single w. Nobuhiko Okamoto) - SUMMER MAGIC (Trignal no Kira Kira★Beat R OP2)
- so funny (Album) - One step forward (Mini-Album) - Plus (Mini-Album) - Update A Day (Single) - Triangle (A Track From BREAKERZ Album "X") - Back to Basic (Album) - tricolore (Mini Album) - Message from LIVE!! (Original Song for 5th Anniversary Live CD) 3. Kira and Mune, two mascot cats that first appear in KAmiYU in Wonderland 2 to help out with the members and provide info. through twitter and Staff Blog. Twitter: 4. Uncle Bomb (Namikawa Daisuke & Yoshino Hiroyuki) - Yeah Oh!! (Single Sold Only During Kirafes 2015) - Minami-ku Love Romance (Song Sung During Final Tour) - INFINITE (Mini Album) - Two-sides (Mini Album) - No Way, But (Mini Album) - dimension (Mini Album) - Five Leaves (Mini Album) Shows: - Kiramune Presents Daisuke Namikawa ★ Hiroyuki Yoshino no Negoto (October 6, 2014 ~ March 30, 2015) - Kiramune Company (November 15, 2015) - Kiramune Company 1.5 (December 15, 2015) - Kiramune Company 2.0 (January 15, 2016) - Kiramune Company 2.5 (February 12, 2016) - Kiramune Company 3.0 (March 15, 2016) - Kiramune Company R (April 15, 2016~) / L (April 30, 2016~) - Ojisan Bakudan (Literally Means Uncle Bomb) (July 26, 2017~) 5. Nobuhiko Okamoto x Trignal (Nobu-gnal) - Hikari wo / Tic Tac Anniversary (Single) 6. Net Radio 2 (Bokura no Music Park) Personalities: SparQlew (Uemura Yuuto, Chiba Shouya, Hozumi Yuuya, Horie Shun, Yoshinaga Takuto). - Hajimari no Sora (Music Park OP) - Q Wanted (Super Tuner: Inou Kikan Theme Song) Show - Bring it on! (Album) - Shouri no Uta (Single) - Super Tuner: Inou Kikan (September 14, 2018) 7. Namikawa Daisuke x Kakihara Tetsuya x Yoshino Hiroyuki - VERSUS (Single) Moba Raji Kennkyuukai * from Nippon Housou Kiramune Corner Hosts:
Kiramune All Stars, re Kiramune☆All Stars (w.out CONNECT): - EVER DREAM (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013/w.out Miyu-Miyu, 2014) - Get Together! (2012) - Bokura no Egaku Mirai (僕らの描く未来) (2016) News: Please Go here for the recent news. Follow the news about Kiramune Project along with Kiramune Project Staff in Staff Blog and News! Kiramune Youtube Channel Instagram Kiramune Star Club (Kiramune Official Fan Club)
Kiramune Bandai Channel Related Links: Kiramune All Stars (Private Facebook Fan Page) Blog: Twitter: @KiramuneStars Kiramune☆Fan (Japanese Fan Site) Related Club: Miyu Irino Fans!! Daisuke Namikawa Fan Club! Kamiya Hiroshi fanclub Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono Fanclub Okamoto Nobuhiko FC Tetsuya Kakihara Fanclub Kimura Ryohei Fanclub VOMIC

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Which Kiramune Member(s) Do You Like?
tsubasalover - Oct 22, 2010
8 replies by --Tsubasa-- »»
Apr 28, 2015 1:19 AM
Sticky: Kiramune Artists News (Not Including Events for CD Release)
tsubasalover - Jul 22, 2010
0 replies by tsubasalover »»
Jul 22, 2010 6:47 AM

Club Comments
tsubasalover | Jan 21, 7:02 PM
Net Radio R #184 is out at animate Times. Fallen Leave no Kyuujitsu by Uncle Bomb and U ~ Kimi ga Itekureta Kara~ by Trignal were aired. #185 will be out on February 5, 2020.

tsubasalover | Jan 14, 8:31 PM
Net Radio Music Park #51 is out at animate Times. White Winter Tale by Yoshino-san, Hikari-Winter ver. by Kakkii, Lazy morning by Miyu-Miyu, Gen Fuukei by SparQlew (Kiramune Songs to Listen While Watching Winter Sceneries) were aired. #52 will be out on January 29, 2020.

tsubasalover | Jan 7, 7:17 PM
Net Radio R #183 is out at animate Times. Fallen Leave no Kyuujitsu by Uncle Bomb and Honey Ready Go!!! by Trignal were aired. #184 will be out on January 22, 2020.

tsubasalover | Dec 24, 2019 8:03 PM
Net Radio Music Park #50 is out at animate Times w. HiroC as Guest. Joyful by Miyu-Miyu, Star Fanfare by Nobu, and Hajimari no Sora by SparQlew (Kiramune Songs To Listen During Holy Night), as well as GLORIOUS TIME -10th anniversary- by HiroC were aired. #51 will be out on January 15, 2020.

tsubasalover | Dec 22, 2019 2:06 AM
Uncle Bomb's Five Leaves CM on their official site.

Tokuten images

tsubasalover | Dec 17, 2019 7:16 PM
Net Radio R #182 is out at animate Times. GLORIOUS TIME -10th anniversary- by HiroC and Irozuku Kisetsu by Trignal were aired. #183 will be out on January 8, 2020.

tsubasalover | Dec 10, 2019 10:22 PM
Net Radio Music Park #49 is out at animate Times. Snowflake Wonderland by HiroC, Bye Bye Bye by Uncle Bomb, Start of LIFE by Kakkii, and Hatsuyuki by Trignal (Kiramune Songs To Listen During Holy Night) were aired. #50 will be out on December 25, 2019.

tsubasalover | Dec 3, 2019 7:00 PM
Net Radio R #181 is out at animate Times. Get over you... by Kakkii and GLORIOUS TIME -10th anniversary- by HiroC were aired. #182 will be out on December 18, 2019.

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