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Will you guys be watching the Glitter Force anime?
Rayla - Dec 18, 2015
15 replies by peggywhynowhy »»
May 13, 9:40 AM
Moments in PreCure that made you cry
Haruno - Jul 30, 2016
5 replies by megmica »»
Apr 21, 1:43 PM
Need Precure info!
animedude1287 - Mar 3
9 replies by exec »»
Mar 4, 4:25 PM
Sticky: Preview 14th Precure series: Kirakira Precure A La Mode
Lobke - Jan 8
9 replies by timerrabbit »»
Feb 6, 10:15 PM
Why do you love Pretty Cure?
CureFantasia - Jan 24
0 replies by CureFantasia »»
Jan 24, 4:23 PM

Club Comments
DreamingBeats | Apr 26, 5:59 PM
hopefully they won't pull a Suite...especially near the end of that series (those who watched the series know what i'm talking about)

Bajar | Apr 24, 1:35 PM
evil boyfriends ftw

mecharobot | Apr 24, 8:38 AM
Hoping this new digimon kaiser develops into evil boyfriend subplot like in the first series. Also Gelato and Custard really need an ep both about now, though it's not like I'm complaining that we already got a Yukari and Akira ep right off the bat.

Cure_Inazuma | Apr 21, 1:24 PM
It's pretty great. Fun in both visuals and writing.
Certainly more interesting than Mahou Tsukai so far.

Lobke | Apr 21, 1:02 PM
So how is Kirakira Precure A La Mode?

minimiau | Apr 1, 4:07 PM
Someone shared with me this video...


megmica | Mar 25, 10:32 AM
recap 3 minutes

megmica | Mar 18, 11:56 PM
preview this weeks focused on kira2 team. they also inserts some cooking segment on movie too. ichika makes sakura mochi,daifuku, manju(?) for sakura.
I'm really like this pair, sakura and ichika especially when their hair in same color they looks like sisters.

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