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Precure Dance Lesson - video collection
Lobke - Jul 13
1 replies by Tsubomi- »»
Oct 2, 2:43 PM
Moments in PreCure that made you cry
KOZero2029 - Jul 30
2 replies by Haou-Judai »»
Sep 5, 9:51 AM
Sticky: Poll: Who is your Favorite Villain?
Lobke - Jul 7
17 replies by MasterMenos »»
Jul 27, 9:05 AM
Sticky: Poll: Who is your Favorite Cure?
Lobke - Jun 9
30 replies by Deltaku »»
Jul 13, 2:44 AM
Discussion on "Go Go Princess Precure"
Rayla - Jul 22, 2015
20 replies by DreamingBeats »»
May 28, 7:49 PM

Club Comments
Ventris | Yesterday, 10:09 PM
Carrot episode and Cure Rice will forever haunt me. Those were dark days.

DreamingBeats | Yesterday, 6:56 PM
precure about food...i wonder if we'll see a world of sweets
(yes, exactly). just no carrot episode, please.

DreamingBeats | Yesterday, 6:54 PM
@ventris not the first time they used french though.
iirc one of the characters used French in suite precure
(being vague for spoilers)

back to watching gopri. just finished ep 36
the preview of the movie shows CG, not sure if i like it or not.

Lobke | Oct 25, 11:39 AM
So a pretty cure series about food? I always hope and at the same time don't hope that we get a new season. It seems extremely hard to make an original and good season.. But I do love the hunt for leaks and the moment the new designs pop up!

Ventris | Oct 25, 9:26 AM
"hur hur we kind of know a French phrase aren't we great"
Forgot the accent grave over the a, though

minimiau | Oct 24, 6:22 PM
It says that. Now to wait for the first leak of character deigns. Wonder how many precure we have this time.

Seiya | Oct 24, 1:39 PM
That looks like it says "Kira Kira Precure A la mode."

kamil88 | Oct 24, 12:59 PM
Kira Kira Precure logo https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CvismtwUIAACX73.jpg:orig

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