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Will you guys be watching the Glitter Force anime?
Rayla - Dec 18, 2015
15 replies by peggywhynowhy »»
May 13, 9:40 AM
Moments in PreCure that made you cry
GoldenHunter - Jul 30, 2016
5 replies by megmica »»
Apr 21, 1:43 PM
Need Precure info!
animedude1287 - Mar 3
9 replies by exec »»
Mar 4, 4:25 PM
Sticky: Preview 14th Precure series: Kirakira Precure A La Mode
Lobke - Jan 8
9 replies by timerrabbit »»
Feb 6, 10:15 PM
Why do you love Pretty Cure?
CureFantasia - Jan 24
0 replies by CureFantasia »»
Jan 24, 4:23 PM

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Club Comments
DreamingBeats | Oct 17, 12:48 PM
*gives a hug*

i wonder how the series will work out. i had my doubts with kirakikra (i mean, a series about sweet?). but Toei managed to make it work.

minimiau | Oct 17, 10:32 AM
I cant asociate any theme with "hug" Basically because hugging the enemy sounds ridicolus

Lobke | Oct 16, 11:57 PM
Can't wait to see the designs

DreamingBeats | Oct 16, 7:19 PM
hug precure? so they heal people by hugging them? ok.

Bajar | Oct 16, 1:20 PM
maybe I'm just seeing things, A lot of the logos look similar. Still Mirai and Liko are in this new movie. what's with that?

Bajar | Oct 16, 1:17 PM
So the Maho Girls were in the trailer for the KiraKira standalone movie... also that new logo looks like the Maho Girls logo? are we gonna have another season of Maho Girls?

VanishingKira | Oct 16, 10:57 AM
Hugs now,so less fighting to come probably

minimiau | Oct 9, 10:13 AM
Dream stars is quite enjoyable. For the CG, i like it, but I it isnt my favourite. I prefer it 2D and sometimes with CG (like in Go! princess, the attacks are in CG and the rest of the episodes in 2D).

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