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Sticky: Preview 14th Precure series: Kirakira Precure A La Mode
Lobke - Jan 8
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Feb 6, 10:15 PM
Why do you love Pretty Cure?
TheRourevillian - Jan 24
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Jan 24, 4:23 PM
Sticky: Poll: Who is your Favorite Cure?
Lobke - Jun 9, 2016
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Jan 8, 10:17 AM
Sticky: Poll: Favorite Season
Lobke - Apr 30, 2015
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Dec 25, 2016 3:02 PM
Precure Dance Lesson - video collection
Lobke - Jul 13, 2016
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Nov 21, 2016 9:53 AM

Club Comments
DreamingBeats | Feb 20, 9:29 PM
so i watched Go Princess Precure' Cure Flora and the Playful Mirror and Leffie and the Precures' Wonder Night! can't say i'm a fan of the CG thing, though maybe they liked it in Japan, idk.

Selena_Marie | Feb 14, 6:31 PM
@Kagami Welcome!

Lobke | Feb 14, 5:27 AM
@Kagami Welcome

Accidental removed my last comment xD

Kagami | Feb 13, 8:27 PM
@DreamingBeats - Kids anime are just so easy to get into. I think I prefer kids anime to 80% of what I watch. Not to say that 80% is bad though.

I am watching PriPara, Aikatsu Stars, Precure, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Beyblade Burst, Digimon Universe.

DreamingBeats | Feb 13, 8:24 PM
@Kagami welcome, and yea, i also find them all enjoyable. currently watching pripara while waiting for newer episodes of Stars! and A La Mode...puri

@exec lol, when you put it that way, it does seem a bit silly. maybe they were trying to make the cake "memorable" in some way, and there aren't many ways to do that.

Kagami | Feb 13, 8:10 PM
New here.

I love PriPara, Precure, Aikatsu and other kids anime. Very enjoyable!

exec | Feb 13, 7:51 PM
@Ventris It's fine for the most part, I like the designs and everything, but the fact that unlike all other Precures, who dealt with some aspects of human nature, like in Heartcatch the flowers represent people's characters, so when they are taken out they lose their motivation and human form, it makes it significant, in Kira kira they are basically defending sweets aka nothing of importance, I can't take it any less seriously. But it's fun, characters are cute, I like their facial expressions(reminds me of Heartcatch), songs are nice and catchy. The main problem for me is the sweets part, they try to make them important by making them mean something to characters, like "this is a cake I made for my mother and it has all my feeling for my mother put into it", idk, it's still just a cake, at most it's just a minor mischief when the monster doesn't even eat it, it just sucks out it's "sparkles", I assume it's supposed to represent the emotions put into making that cake, but it's not like the person in question actually loses her emotions for those dear to her people when those "sparkles" are sucked out. idk. It's just, why can't she just make another cake? Instead she gets all serious and puts her life on the line for that cake. Sure why not, my life for the cake!

DreamingBeats | Feb 13, 6:13 PM
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