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Moments in PreCure that made you cry
KOZero2029 - Jul 30
2 replies by Haou-Judai »»
Sep 5, 9:51 AM
Sticky: Poll: Who is your Favorite Villain?
Lobke - Jul 7
17 replies by MasterMenos »»
Jul 27, 9:05 AM
Precure Dance Lesson - video collection
Lobke - Jul 13
0 replies by Lobke »»
Jul 13, 6:50 AM
Sticky: Poll: Who is your Favorite Cure?
Lobke - Jun 9
30 replies by Deltaku »»
Jul 13, 2:44 AM
Discussion on "Go Go Princess Precure"
Rayla - Jul 22, 2015
20 replies by DreamingBeats »»
May 28, 7:49 PM

Club Comments
minimiau | Sep 8, 6:14 PM
Oh, I come late, the video was deleted! :,(

Nidhoeggr | Sep 7, 1:02 PM
That brings back memories, thanks mecharobot.

Also, I am coming closer to finishing the entire franchise. Just the rest of Smile, Yes 5 Gogo and Max Heart left. A few movies here and there are left as well, but that shouldn't be a problem. It has been a long and eventful ride so far.

mecharobot | Sep 7, 6:51 AM

Just in case someone hasn't heard it

minimiau | Sep 4, 6:35 AM
Its a bit difficult to me to review in english an anime, but if anyone want, here it is what I think about the first 23 episodes of Maho girls: http://minimiau.livejournal.com/6811.html

minimiau | Sep 4, 6:09 AM
Finally I finished the first 23 episodes of Maho girls precure. It was really hard to do. By this time I put the series in on Hold and I have no motivation to continue.

mecharobot | Aug 23, 4:42 PM
I haven't rewatched any yet, but I can realistically see myself running low on magical girl shows, especially ones with combat. That might be a good time to revisit the favorites.

animedude1287 | Aug 23, 4:06 PM
I've re-watched Splash Star and I am still working on Fresh with a friend. Those 2 are still my favorite season's and a great watch.

minimiau | Aug 22, 4:48 PM
The only precure series I rewatched (and I didn't complete) was Max Heart. I re watched it because I hadn't internet at that time, so I was unable to watch something new.

If I get some freetime (and after I watch all new anime I want) maybe I re watch heartcatch and then Go! Princess precure.

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