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Sticky: The Ecchi/Hentai Identifications Thread [18+] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
TheErosDeity - Apr 22, 2014
1,561 replies by tforoforp »»
Oct 18, 2:38 AM
New to the Club!
HentaiKnight - Jul 23, 2014
4 replies by AkitoKazuki »»
Oct 12, 9:56 AM
Recommendations Ecchi/Hentai
edup_2004 - Oct 9, 2014
46 replies by AkitoKazuki »»
Oct 12, 9:56 AM
PC Hentai
DarkBlackKnight - May 28
1 replies by AkitoKazuki »»
Oct 12, 9:55 AM
Good online hentai website ?
ohentai_2015 - Oct 1
1 replies by AkitoKazuki »»
Oct 12, 9:54 AM

Club Comments
Bygyas | Oct 19, 10:27 AM
Nokia's stuff is really goood

Ruiku-H | Oct 19, 9:57 AM
School Trip to the Nudist Beach is getting a second episode, what a pleasant surprise. Also excited for Fella Hame and Oideyo. I hope we get more Shiwasu no Okina and Mizuryu Kei in the future.

Midgardsorm | Oct 18, 11:34 PM
I've watched "Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai" recently and I could not understand why the MC was constantly rejecting Anna Nishikinomiya's love juices :]

I've also just finished another harem and it reminded me why I try to avoid this genre. I'm really appaled by the lack of originality. Out of all the harems I've watched I can think of 2 - TWO - that surprised me in terms of plot (who the MC picks at the end). It would also be nice to have a bittersweet ending for a change (the MC cant't be with the girl of his dreams because she dies or he can't be with any of the girls because he has to leave or some shit).

HaXXspetten | Oct 8, 5:15 AM
Shoujo Ramune is out~ <3

sakarji | Oct 7, 3:42 PM

I'm here again to invite you all to our DISCORD server. We got alot ecchi pics there and hentai ones. Also some good sites recomedations.


Midgardsorm | Oct 7, 3:38 PM
Now You know. Hentai transcends borders :]

sakarji | Oct 7, 3:32 PM
@Midgardsorm Nawet nie wiedziałem, że są tu polacy :D

^ Message to my fellow countrymates ( kinda offtopic )

Midgardsorm | Oct 7, 2:07 PM
I try to avoid NTR as well, though I did watch some. "Netorare Zuma" for example, despite the title, I wouldn't classify as NTR because I thought that the husband of the MC was an asshole. I'm interested if anyone agrees with me on this.

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