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What is your favourite Magical Girl Anime?
soaring_wings - Oct 7, 2008
26 replies by vivianpink »»
May 20, 2018 3:17 PM
What is your favourite Magical Girl Manga?
soaring_wings - Dec 6, 2008
7 replies by -Ayu »»
Mar 26, 2018 11:39 AM
Ever watch/read a mahou-shoujo anime/manga that you didn't like?
Panda-Chan - Dec 24, 2008
36 replies by -Ayu »»
Mar 26, 2018 11:32 AM
What Anime/Manga should be added to the Relations Section? ( 1 2 )
soaring_wings - Oct 18, 2008
57 replies by RICEA42991 »»
Nov 15, 2017 10:16 AM
What mahou-shoujo anime are you watching
pinkrupee - Mar 22, 2013
16 replies by UmiStar »»
Feb 14, 2017 5:31 PM

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Club Comments
RICEA42991 | Jun 3, 9:26 PM
Your welcome, it's nice to hear from another member here.

I knew my memories were correct; after looking back in the coments I realized this conversation was in fact brought up before in Sept 2014 in this club (currently in the 9th and 8th pages of the comments) It was after this confusion along with Madoka anime first aired that I made the forum topic 'what doesn't fit'.

Anyways just like Fairy Idol Kanon, animes like AK4B, and Pretty Rythm were brought up and we wondered if they were magical girl. Eventually we decided that 'idol' series (unless an exception like Full Moon) were different and not magical girl.

Lilipri was never officially labeled magical girl, but since it has an anime, looking into it was easier back then and it was added to the relations. The anime had transformations with bracelets/wands and such. Now though I'll have to relook on Lilpri and Kanon to be sure.

Fario-P | May 29, 2:31 PM
Thank you for the warm welcome, RICEA42991! I guess I should've noticed the forums earlier haha

Well, you certainly are right that deciding if Fairy Idol Kanon is a magical girl manga is tricky... even I'm not completely sure. I mean, Fairy Idol Kanon does have some things in common with other magical girl idols, like a magical companion that helps kickstart the debut of the main characters and the magic of the story's universe being a large focus on the story. The magical companion even changes their clothes often throughout the series, which could be counted as their transformations.

But the main characters themselves don't have secret identities and while most of these magical girl idol stories just have the magic also give them singing abilities, the girls already can sing pretty well and don't need magic for singing. In fact, their singing becomes the source for the story's magic, and it's how the fairy finds the main characters and asks them for help in the first place. Their singing is often needed for certain magical troubles as well as just for generally spreading their pure voices to the world.

The reason I started thinking about it is because I heard about a show called Lilpri (which IS listed as a magical girl show here), and while I still haven't seen it, it seems pretty similar to Fairy Idol Kanon from what I've heard of it. Both have three young girls as the main characters who become popular singing idols. They're asked by three magical companions (well... just one in Fairy Idol Kanon) to help them receive energy for their dying fantasy kingdom, which apparently in Lilpri are called "Happiness Tones". Of course, the needed energy is collected from songs, and the girls accept.

It sounds pretty similar to Fairy Idol Kanon in these ways, so I have been thinking about if it fits in the magical girl genre as well as Lilpri does. Again, I haven't seen it yet, so I'm not sure how different the show is from Fairy Idol Kanon, but... yeah. TV Tropes seems to count Fairy Idol Kanon as a magical girl story in their "Magic Idol Singer" page. What do you think?

RICEA42991 | May 26, 8:14 PM
Hello there Fario-P and welcome to the site and for picking this club.

You picked a suggestion that's usually on the tricky side. (well magical girl in general is a bit tricky since companies haven't officially labeled most of their series in years).

Back to the point, Full Moon was officially declared it a magical girl by the studio years ago, so no doubt about it being a magical girl, but nowadays there's a whole lot of animes called by a different genre name( forgot what it's called) and they get confused with magical girl all the time, but instead focus on being singing idol girl groups

I haven't read Fairy Idol Kanon, so I'm not sure exactly how it's like other then the descriptions I've read. Full Moon was a bit more then just becoming a idol, and having a fairy in it. Do the girls transform or use magic other then just singing?

Fario-P | Apr 17, 5:54 PM
Hello! I'm still somewhat new here, so this is the first club I've ever joined! I hope you don't mind me joining :)

Oh, but I do have a question though... is Fairy Idol Kanon considered a magical girl manga? I mean, it's like Full Moon wo Sagashite or Cyber Idol Mink where there's magic and the main characters get to be idols...

RICEA42991 | Aug 30, 2018 12:38 PM
The club's pages are working again! YES!!!

Bajar: 28 years! Man how time flies. :O I remember watching it so clearly as a kid too. What I meant before was they have similar backgrounds because of their connections.

I recently watched it as well. I can't say I hated it, infact I was pleased with it, and have hopes for the Studio. But would I say it's better then Kiki....I'm still not sure. I may have to rewatch it again.

On another note: I watched the entire Crystal S quicker then I thought I would....probably because I was alot happier with it compared to the first season. Still I prefer the original no doubts. I hope they wont blow it again with the SuperS movies.

I'm surprised soaring_wings hasn't said anything else on this. She was so excited for it when first announced back in 2015. Again wow 3 years already since then.

Bajar | Feb 28, 2018 10:33 PM
there's 28 years between the release of Kiki and Mary so it's a pretty different staff. They all came from Studio Ghibli of course but I don't think too many of them were around for Kiki. A lot of this staff is the same staff that worked on When Marine Was There.

RICEA42991 | Feb 28, 2018 10:02 PM
I was about to ask why you said you weren't expecting this bump Bajar, but then I figured you probably were referring to how quiet this club usually gets I'm glad there was a response instead of silence for another long period.

What makes me even happier is that you're talking about Mary and the Witch Flower. I've been wanting to watch that movie since it was announced. The reason it reminds you so much of Kiki is because it's the same staff just a different company. I wish them the best success. I can't wait to see it soon.

Bajar | Feb 28, 2018 7:25 PM
Wasn't expecting this club to get bumped. Not sure how much you guys like western style witchcraft magic in your mahou shoujo but I had the chance to see Mary and the Witch's Flower in theatres and hot damn that is an instant classic for me. It's on par with Kiki's Delivery Service imo as far as witchcraft themed kids movies go. Definitely check it out if you guys have the chance, the main character's red hair is especially to die for.

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