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RIP Mia Ikumi- Tokyo Mew Mew Artist/ SuperDoll Rika Creator March 7 2022

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RICEA42991 | 1 hour ago
Hey there Klefki....nice hearing from you again, comments are always welcome. Nice that you've kept watching anime since then. I've been doing that as well as you can see from my previous 2 comments :). You decided to watch Tokyo Mew Mew right on time since the new series is to air this summer. Let's hope they dub it ! I still haven't gotten around to Nanoha somehow...but I have watched Mai-Hime....still not impressed with it even if it does have its fans

All club members There might be a new sticky topic joining the club forum soon in the next week or so. Mostly it will be about info, so sharing conversations in the comments is still going to be well as the other club forums topics of course.

Klefki_of_Awsome | 11 hours ago
Heyy, it's been forever since I last posted here, but how is everyone doing?^^/

I've been doing well myself, though being more busy irl with college and other things throughout the year means less time on MAL and in the clubs (I also started two clubs on MAL in the last two years so that could also explain my lack of activities in the first few clubs I joined..>.>;)

In terms of Magical Girl series, it's been quite a moving few years: I finally finished Tokyo Mew Mew after not being able to watch it for years (I luckily found it on YouTube for free) and then continued on with Shugo Chara and Splash Precure (IMO best season so far ; finished Party! in Fall 2021) and now I'm catching up to Sailor Moon S1 as I wait to have enough time to get back to Yes! Precure 5 which has been quite enjoyable so far~!<3 X3>
I also managed to start Nanoha from the start this time, and I'll be honest here. Nanoha's first transformation in episode 1 of the anime sold me on the series, and to this date is one of my favorite piece of animation to have ever graced the Earth~!<3 X'39

RICEA42991 | May 19, 1:29 AM
Attention all club members Incase you've heard of the features for clubs now and wondering why this club doesn't have it yet, there's a good reason. After much discussion with a couple of other myanimelist members, due to the past incidences that have happened on discord, we are waiting on the feature to add in the desktop implementation as well as giving it some time to see how it goes. This is in order to avoid any mishaps, and fights commonly found on these servers. Please understand and stick with us as a club member of this long running club, feel free to comment your opinion on this, and as well remember the club forums are still available for use as well. Opinions are always welcome and open for consideration.

Goodness first this...

RICEA42991 | Apr 29, 4:39 PM
NEW ANIME RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT! Sailor Moon Cosmos movie to hit Japan's theaters next summer in time for the series 30th anniversary. Wow so quick and I remember the 20th anniversary announcement as if it were just yesterday. Lucky them. Let's wait and see how it turns out. I already made the database entry, and it will be added to club relations as soon as it's approved to the site's database.

Always nice to hear from you SourcererZ :) As for magical girl, recently finished Magic Knight and Magic Users Club last month after putting it off for years. Been trying out My-Hime but so far 5 episodes in and not impressed at all.

I agree with you completely on the witch anime. Perfectly said with the words exceptional and special. Definitely being simply a witch isn't enough to mark a series. Perfect example of this is Little Witch Academia, Wandering Witch and Mary and Witch's flower where these are simply anime full of common witches. Compared to anime like Sugar Sugar Rune, Sally, and Pharmacy where witches are rare and heroic.

I'm afraid with this site's new stacks feature there's a chance that there will be alot of wrong labeling anime in stacks. a note to all members...just because something is labeled by some fans on certain sites as magical girl that doesn't mean it's actually a officially a magical girl anime. I will add this note to the club's discussion topic of relations as well.

SourcererZ | Apr 12, 11:54 PM
I don't know if most of you agree with me on this but I think witches don't equal to magical girls.
Yes, there are witches that are considered magical girls but not all witches are magical girl.

What I think fro a witch to qualify as a magical girl is that the witch appears in our world as an exceptional (maybe only) person to have magical powers.
A witch in a witches school or in a world where it's fairly common to meet a witch or someone with magic is just that, a witch.

Because being a magical girl is something that is exceptional and special, something like a chosen one.

RICEA42991 | Apr 3, 12:47 AM
Wow she was 42, now that makes it even more tragic, and sudden especially considering she was just drawing covers not too long ago too. Her family must be going through alot because of it. It is definitely much too young for someone to pass. Nice to hear from you, I see you've changed your username. Nice. Took me a minute to recall who you were though :)

_-_Sally_-_ | Mar 14, 12:02 PM
@RICEA42991: That's really unfortunate. 42 is way too young to die.

R.I.P. :(

RICEA42991 | Mar 14, 1:04 AM
Sad NEWS for Tokyo Mew Mew : The manga artist Mia Ikumi just passed away, sad she didn't get to see the new series air along with her loved ones other then the second PV that recently aired. Let's hope they dedicate a episode to her memory. :( May she RIP. I'm glad I got to watch another one of her works prior to her passing and appreciate it.

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