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makitokun - Mar 30, 2013
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FoolyFate - May 26, 2014
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blob | May 21, 6:00 PM
I hate re-watching series, but for some reason when I see my brother watching a series I recommended him, I can't stop myself from watching it again and re-living the experience with someone else's progressive point of view.

Scarlett_ryuken | May 21, 5:56 PM
he prob meant he "rewatched"

by that he meant like first 4 eps

blob | May 21, 5:07 PM
I was curious as to why your time spent was so high - then I clicked on More and saw the amount of time you rewatched long series... did you actually have time to re-watch 10 times a series that recently finished airing? :T

Dreams? Only thing I could think of that you haven't seen is Mimi wo Sumaseba (movie).

Gemilo_1 | May 21, 9:10 AM
Hi! I have completed 300 anime series now so if you want to find something to watch feel free to look at my list and as a new member here,i wish we could all get along ... Arigatou Minna-san

shina_luna | May 20, 11:51 PM
Anybody who has some titles with dream sequences inside?
Doesn't matter if it's short, also doesn't need to be psychodelic or anything, but be rather dream specific. (So simple stuff like the one in Naruto the last is fine.)

Shiroe111 | May 20, 1:39 AM
Sent you a message @salokannel2

Salokannel2 | May 20, 1:10 AM
@Shiroe111 I myself have been watching anime for 2½ years~

but that wasn't the point here lol. Would you like to recommend me something. I prefer comedies, fantasy/adventure and battleshounen types but at the moment I don't have any urge to watch just from those genres so feel free to recommend me something you think I could like.

Shiroe111 | May 19, 12:06 AM
Konichiwa minasan!
I just wanted to tell everyone to please visit my page, I have seen more anime than most (crazily enough in just 3-4 years O.O) and in a town where it is shunned nonetheless. With conditions such as this finding people to talk about it with is near impossible for me. So I ask of you, request me and message me. I will happily give you recommendations, critiques, or anything else!

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