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Angel_Leann - Jun 9
3 replies by dyof00 »»
Yesterday, 7:25 AM
Need some good thrillers,anyone can help me?
APlay71 - May 31
10 replies by dyof00 »»
Yesterday, 7:20 AM
Looking for happy harem or romance with yandere
zionarbadon - Jan 8
1 replies by Otakugamer12 »»
Jun 15, 8:18 PM
Animes about creators.
Htoomyat_Naing - Feb 7, 2018
12 replies by Otakugamer12 »»
Jun 15, 8:17 PM
Romance Anime
TheOneMe - Jun 9
0 replies by TheOneMe »»
Jun 9, 3:55 AM

Club Comments
KuroNancy | Jun 16, 4:58 PM
I looked Gantz and heard something about Jigoku shoujo, but I didn't look. I will, thank you. ( ̄▽ ̄)

kostas13 | Jun 16, 3:15 PM

Gantz an action, horror and psycho with a nice plot

Jigoku Shoujo similar to the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni that you have watch

KuroNancy | Jun 16, 2:36 PM
Thank you very much! most of these anime I once gave up, but now I think I'll watch Hellsing and Drifters

Zaganos | Jun 16, 2:27 PM
@kostas13 thnx for the reccomendations.

@kuroNancy going by the genres you pointed i guess you would enjoy
youjo senki ( isekai thriller action drama)
steins gate( thriller scifi drama)
Hellsing ultimate or Drifters ( horror action thriller )
psychopass(thriller action scifi)
Berserk( thriller action horror drama)
mirai nikki( thriller action horror romance)
Neon genesis evengelion ( thriller mystery action )
Shinsekai yori(thriller mystery drama horror)
kakeguri/onouts/akagi/kaiji(all four animes are basically on gambling but in different and intesting settings)

KuroNancy | Jun 16, 2:02 PM
Can you recommend something like devilman. Genre doesn't matter, the main thing that was interesting to watch (and best of thriller and horror, action and drama) in short, at your discretion

kostas13 | Jun 16, 4:16 AM

Tsritama another similar you should watch

kostas13 | Jun 16, 4:09 AM
I know that but most of the times i dont take seriously the comments that they made.


Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou one of the top comedies

Mob Psycho 100 You like one punch man. propably you gonna like that too

Zaganos | Jun 15, 11:30 PM
hey folks , since you were talking about GRAND BLUE(i loved it), can someone suggest me any similar comedy where i can literally lol throughout the series !!

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