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Considering how much money people are putting in to compete with my soccer battles, I can't help but feel totally amused! *laugh* The most amusing thing is that I am only putting in little time and almost no effort yet people are putting in serious money and lots of time into it. *laugh* Does it mean my words have more weight then?? ^^ Either way, I love soccer!! Soccer is the best!!!

Every time I add a soccer battle, people make several episodes of action flicks and comedies, as well as animes and games with the intention to reverse it. Isn't it amusing? *laugh* If my words have no weight at all, then it would actually be a waste of money and also totally unnecessary for such actions. *laugh* I wonder if a day in which soccer battles will actually come to an end. Perhaps, it never will.. *laugh* Long Live Soccer Rolling!! ^^

After updating the club layout, an energetic lady had appeared to be shouting "Annoyed? ha ha" outside around 4:00am.. No, this is not annoying.. Its more like amusing.. Who the hell would do something like that?? Seriously.. *laugh* Oh no!! Could that be Asa-sempai!? *laugh* Generally.. It gives the non-involved individuals a very special impression.. Its the ultimate battle:

Metatron vs Money

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