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In both the Japanese and English versions, the plot of most episodes follows a villain of the week formula with a strong continuity in the form of two part episodes and references to previous episodes.

In the English dub, the setting of the show is “Little Tokyo”, a city that is an amalgamation of Japanese culture (a spectrum its feudal system with contemporary 1991 culture) populated by cybernetic anthromorphic animals.

At the head of government is Emperor Fred, an insane figurehead who can only repeatedly say his name or scat sing. The actual leadership comes from his daughter, Princess “Vi” Violet and a council headed by Seymour Cheese, an ambitious prime minister who constantly plots to usurp the Emperor’s position with the help of Jerry Atrick, his trusted advisor and Bad Bird, the leader of an army of ninja crows.

Part of the Council is Al Dente, Commander of the Palace Guard, who constantly uncovers the prime minister’s plots but can never claim treason because of plausible deniability. Instead he calls the Samurai Pizza Cats (Nyankī, a portmanteau of nyaa ("meow") and Yankee), a superhero trio who moonlight as staff at a local pizzeria, to uncover and interrupt Seymour's plans that usually come in the form of robots and elaborate schemes.

Unique to the English version is that supposedly due to lost translations, the comedic tone of the series was further exaggerated by releasing it as a dubbed parody. Throughout the series, characters and the narrator constantly break the fourth wall by commenting the on the Japanese attributes such as the written language, sight gags, and complaints to the writers and producers regarding the strange plots.

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