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Poll: What is your favorite anime from Kyoto Animation?
ghilgames - Feb 21, 2010
22 replies by RightGate »»
Aug 8, 8:22 PM
What is your First Kyoto Animation Anime have you watched
Zain-san - Oct 15, 2018
1 replies by Maszerr »»
Feb 8, 9:53 AM
Sticky: ~~Trivia Game~~
ghilgames - Apr 3, 2010
6 replies by Fuseteam »»
Jan 28, 2016 6:05 PM
Sticky: Game:The story of Kyoto Animation characters:)
ghilgames - Mar 29, 2010
23 replies by Fuseteam »»
Jan 18, 2016 11:12 AM
Claim a Kyoto Animation character [CLOSED] ( 1 2 )
ChronoKid - May 7, 2010
79 replies by KiryuNatsuru »»
Sep 16, 2015 5:00 PM

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Club Comments
Tofu | Aug 7, 10:18 AM
@AurafullAlex hmmm... I see. Thanks for the explanation :)
KyoAni always do amazing anime works. I really won’t be lost. 💚

Xstasy | Aug 5, 11:07 AM
Hi everyone^^

AurafullAlex | Aug 5, 11:03 AM
@Tofu Please don't be sad now, I don't want anyone to be feeling any more pain from this. People tend to press F for paying their respects to whoever the topic is and so they would say "press F to pay your respects" on the internet when neccesary and relevent.

Kyo ani still has 3 quarters of their staff alive and most will likely make a full recovery eventually and 2 other studios are still standing with the Violet Ever Garden movie and Kobayashii sequil to be concluded very soon, and the work was protected in concrete and so is most likely recoverable.

This studio is my go to favourite and every well made anime being my type so in a way it feels like an attack on myself and all the other big kyo ani fans, but we will gwt through this and like 1 big Dango Daikazoku! (from Clannad translating to big Dango family). We all will, KEEP HEALING KYO ANI!

Tofu | Aug 1, 2:50 PM
hello :)
I'm new here and I am so sad 'cause the fire at the KyoAni studio ;n;
But can someone tell me what does that "F" means?

i_lvoe_alvaro | Jul 21, 2:13 PM
o que leva uma pessoa a incendiar um predio com pessoas trabalhando honestamente? T-T

bakawai | Jul 21, 10:10 AM
Yes it's disgusting ! I though of the people working there all day ! They lost their job , are hurt like half of people who were there and half of you coworkers are dead ...

arrazolavguille | Jul 18, 8:34 PM
T.T it's so sad what happend yesterday in KyoAni building 1, more than 30 person are dead, really love the studio, they are a big part of my life....

Nei-san | Dec 28, 2018 12:17 AM
The relations list is in need of an update.

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