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<img src="http://graphics.cbimg6.com/16/7777b.jpg" border="0" /> Haruhi is an intelligent first-year student from a poor family who attends the Ouran Academy, an exclusive private school, on a special scholarship that requires her to rank first in her class. One day, while looking for a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon the Ouran Host Club and accidentally breaks an expensive vase belonging to them that was to be featured in a school auction. As a result, she must work off her debt to the club by disguising herself as a boy and working as a host for them. She finds this easy because she does not feel that gender dominates her personality. She soon realizes that acting as host and talking to the other girls comes quite naturally and she begins to enjoy it. However, she does not like taking time away from studying and finds the antics of the other hosts extremely irritating, but also increasingly endearing. Although habitually quiet and unflappable, she has a deep fear of thunderstorms. Haruhi lives with her eccentric father and has become skilled in household chores due to her mother's death when she was 5. Although her independent, straight-forward personality clashes with those of the other, more outgoing hosts Haruhi becomes friends with them, especially the Hitachiin twins who are in her class, a fact that is exceedingly troublesome to the Host Club "King", Tamaki. Her home was formatted after a former Hatori residence. In chapter 57 of the manga, Haruhi realizes that she's in love with Tamaki. Her new discovery leaves her flustered and panicking, blushing and/or running away at his presence. She eventually learns to calm her feelings down, and decides she will have to learn a lot more and grow more as a person before she can tell him. In later chapters she has essentially gone back to her old self, but still blushes on occasions if he touches her in a fond way or gets too intimate. In chapters 65-69 a transfer student by the name Kanoya Megumi appears in Ouran, a girl whom Tamaki saves from getting badly wounded by a horse. From this act Haruhi for the first time shows jealousy, especially as the other Host Club members recognize her as "The Ideal Haruhi". This is revealed in chapter 69, as Haruhi stated she felt so jealous seeing Kanoya with Tamaki that she felt like crying. In chapter 72, they share an accidental kiss leaving them both panicking. Haruhi reacts with blushing and teary eyes. A few chapters before this Kousaka, a lawyer, told Haruhi's dad that she is not suited for Ouran and that she would do best if she left the school. She returned again to inform him that Haruhi had been selected for a sponsored study abroad in the United States and would be wise to accept it. In chapter 78, she once again is asked by Hikaru if she loves Tamaki, in which she answers that she does While flamboyant and narcissistic (Suō means "rightfully becoming king" or "to become a king"), he is dedicated to his duties as a host. He is the Prince type to "entertain" customers, plying them with upper class etiquette and shameless flattery. He is partial to classic piano music and plays exceedingly well, one of his favorites being Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D major. He, like Honey, also has a stuffed animal: a teddy called Kuma-chan ("Beary" in English; kuma being Japanese for bear) though it is not shown very often. The main comic relief character of the series, Tamaki can be viewed as outspoken and naïve for his age, especially since he only views himself as an obsessive father figure to Haruhi, when in reality he's in love with her. Mei (as well as Honey) points out his naivete when it comes to how he truly feels about Haruhi, and the rest of the club sees this too; this applies to his overall dense approach to his own feelings though he is very perceptive about other people's, which is mentioned by the twins but several other members of the Host Club as well. He often gets jealous of other boys who get close to her and admires her when she shows her natural abilities. Haruhi eventually realizes that she is in love with Tamaki, while Tamaki only realizes the depth of his true feelings further into the series. Tamaki is half-Japanese and half-French, and lives with his father,the wealthy chairman of Ouran Academy. They both live separately from his French mother because of a deal between his mother and his bitterly cold paternal grandmother. Despite his grandmother being the reason he can't see his mother, he is very gentle to her, and is constantly trying to get her to accept him as a part of the Suoh family. As of the latest manga chapters, he has befriended and become close to Megumi Kanoya, a new Ouran student, who is suffering from family troubles and who he realizes is someone he cannot help because she is even worse off than him. He has rejected her twice but his feelings toward her appear to be extending once again into a protective family-type of assurance. His family name is romanized by VIZ Media as Suoh[9] and by Chuang Yi, Funimation,[10] and Nippon Television's Japanese-language website as Suou.[11] His full name is revealed, in chapter 55, to be René Tamaki Richard de Grandtaine.[12] At the end of chapter 64, he finally realizes that he loves Haruhi. Not as a "father", but as a man (chapter 67).[citation needed] In Chapter 72 he and Haruhi shared an accidental kiss, he reacts by going for a 'walk' which turns into a 25 lap sprint while crying. In episode 17 he bought a Golden Retriever named Antoinette, most likely from his French heritage

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