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First Manga Appearance: Ch. 363 First Anime Teaser Appearance: Ep. 135 Hidden Village: Rain Ring: Byaku/Haku (White) Finger Position: Right Middle Info: Konan is the lone female member of the group. She works alongside Pain. Konan possesses the ability to disperse her body into paper, which can then fold itself into butterfies for tracking purposes. When she was younger, she, Nagato and another orphan named Yahiko were trained by Jiraiya for a short period. He helped them become stronger and able to fend for themselves in the war torn Rain Country. She followed her friends in battle and saw her friend Yahiko die and Nagato become Pain. After Nagato entrusted his will to Naruto, she did as well. She returned to Rain with the bodies of her fallen friends and left the group. (Former Member - Quit)

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What going to happen to Konan?
HollowIchigo58 - Nov 4, 2009
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Feb 20, 2011 12:17 PM

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