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<div style="text-align: center;"> <img src="" /> Shin'ichiro Miki (三木 眞一郎, Miki Shin'ichirō) born on March 18, 1968 in the city of Tokyo member of 81 Produce Miki is most known for the roles of Kojiro ("James") (Pokémon), Takumi ("Tak") Fujiwara (Initial D), Kisuke Urahara (Bleach), Inferno in the Japanese dub of Beast Wars, Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter) and Lockon Stratos (Mobile Suit Gundam 00). According to the Anime News Network, as of Spring 2007, Miki is the third most prolific seiyū behind Takehito Koyasu and Megumi Hayashibara with over 230 voice credits to his name. (wikipedia) <strong>Links:</strong> <!--link--><a href="">Miki-Ha Personal website</a> <!--link--><a href=""> 81 Produce profile </a> <!--link--><a href="">IMDB entry</a> <!--link--><a href=""> ANN entry</a> <strong>Banner:</strong> <img src="" /> <strong>Affiliated Clubs:</strong> <span style="font-size: 150%;"><span style="color:#663366"> <!--link--><a href="">Toshiyuki Morikawa Fanclub</a> <!--link--><a href="">~Hiroki Takahashi~</a> <!--link--><a href="">Anri Katsu Fanclub ☆</a> <!--link--><a href="">Weiß kreuz Fanclub</a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" /></a> <!--color--></span> <!--size--></span> [ <!--center--></div><!--center--></div>

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Favorite Shinichiro Miki role?
pi1411 - Oct 29, 2009
29 replies by LeonhartAugust »»
Nov 25, 2021 11:08 PM
Miki Blog
pi1411 - Apr 6, 2010
7 replies by pi1411 »»
Jan 1, 2012 2:56 AM
Sticky: Request your Card here! [CLOSED]
Shinkaron - May 16, 2010
46 replies by kawaii-mio »»
Aug 18, 2010 8:58 AM
Shinichiro Miki -Signatures-
pi1411 - Apr 24, 2010
1 replies by Shinkaron »»
May 16, 2010 3:11 PM
Funny? Sexy? Cool?
Shinkaron - Apr 22, 2010
3 replies by Shinkaron »»
Apr 22, 2010 2:02 PM

Club Comments
tsubasalover | Jul 15, 2019 11:13 PM
14th Annual Seiyuu Awards Will be Starting, w. MVS voting starting August 1

tsubasalover | Sep 30, 2017 8:43 AM
Voting for Seiyuu Awards Starts Now!

tsubasalover | Sep 30, 2016 8:46 AM
Seiyuu Awards Is Opened for Voting

irupe | Oct 5, 2013 7:25 PM
He's awesome. Just that.

pi1411 | Jan 1, 2012 2:58 AM
direct link -> 2012.1.1

pi1411 | Jan 1, 2012 2:54 AM

It's the beginning of the year 2012.
May it be day by day a great (suteki na) year for you...

From Sydney With Love
Miki Shin'ichirō

Honey_Samurai | Dec 25, 2011 9:26 PM
I love whoever made this club. FOREVER. :3

pariswriter | Mar 15, 2011 8:57 AM
Thank goodness! He's one of a few of my favorites whose name hadn't yet shown up on the ANN list of those in the anime industry who are safe. Thanks for letting us know, pi!

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