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By requesting to join this club, you acknowledge the following: <strong>1.</strong> “Seinen” – as well as other demographics – only apply accurately to manga, and are originally defined not by the content of said manga, but rather by which anthology magazine they are published in. Therefore, there is usually a correlation between a manga's content and its target audience (“kodomo”, “shounen”, “shoujo”, “seinen” or “josei”), but no causality. <strong>2.</strong> As this club is mostly about anime, we will define “seinen-oriented” franchises by the demographic of their first manga adaptation/version. Exceptions: light novels. Although they are aimed at male versus female audiences and not at particular age groups, several labels cater to a definite age range, like <em>Dengeki Bunko Magazine</em> or <em>Dragon Magazine</em> for what could be refered to as “seinen”. Visual Novels will be treated similarly. <strong>3.</strong> If you disagree with the categorisation as “seinen” of any anime in this club's “anime relations”, or worse of any manga in the “manga relations”, you don't belong here. <strong>4.</strong> The line between “shounen” and “seinen” is often blurred, sometimes so much that a work can easily be seen as part of both demographics; thus catering to both groups (e.g. <em>Shakugan no Shana</em>). <strong>5.</strong> This club doesn't care about the likes of <em>Maison Ikkoku</em>, <em>Ghost in the Shell</em> and <em>Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō</em>. Of course, you may appreciate them, but this isn't a club about this type of material. This being said, feel free to recommend titles and comment about what is already here.

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