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Pilot of the Gundam Rose and representative of Neo-France. George's fighting style is fencing. George considers himself a knight and fights for the pride of his nation. George grew up in a rich and noble family that is loyal to Neo-France and the De Sand family is one of the few families to remain on Earth. George's only fear is his involvement in the Marseilles Tragedy. This is where he was in a competition which would decide who Neo-France's representative would be. His opponent Jean Pierre Mirabeau was disqualified for his dirty tactics. With his Mirage Gundam, Mirabeau stood in front of the crowd preventing George from attacking. The King of Neo-France was disgusted by this and declared George the winner by default. Mirabeau then tried to kill the King in revenge. George tried to stop this, but Mirabeau's missiles were redirected into the stands killing thousands of spectators. George later became the new Jack of Diamonds for the Shuffle Alliance and got a chance to face Mirabeau again when he escaped from a prison colony with the help of the Devil Gundam. When Mirabeau arrived in Guyana where George was training for the finals, George was able to overcome his fear of the past used his new power as the Jack of Diamonds to heal Mirabeau, who was possessed by DG cells. At one point, by stealing Gundam Rose from its hangar, he risked his Gundam Fighter position and the honor of his family, when the King refused for him to fight Domon Kasshu in the finals. But later after seeing the match, the King admitted he was wrong for his earlier decision and agreed to overlook the theft. He also has little regard for ruffians and didn't like Domon at first when he interrupted a match, and he doesn't always get along with Chibodee Crockett, though they do work together to help Domon on Lantau Island. His crew is his butler Raymond Bishop and he is adored by Maria Louise, the tomboyish Princess of Neo-France. His name is based on the French female author George Sand. His special techniques include rose streamers and rose hurricane. George de Sand is voiced by Takumi Yamazaki in Japanese and Scott Roberts in English.

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Master_Of_Faster | Jan 30, 2011 5:17 PM
George is the bomb, he's my favv from gfighter 100% woot that's awsome someone made a club of him xD

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