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Welcome to MAL's one and only club dedicated to The World Masterpiece Theater, a collection of childrens' anime series that ran each year from 1975 to 1997, then 2007 to 2009. Such series were usually based on classic European of American novels and stories, and are known not only for charming children the world over, but also being some of the best series out there to discerning adult fans.

Whether you've seen them all or just got sucked into a few episodes of Les Mis, please join us in discussing these fantastic anime!

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Katri, Girl of the Meadows (FULLY SUBBED)
vini64 - Jun 19
19 replies by AnnaSartin »»
Jun 22, 6:00 AM
Editors (JP) for Fables (Rocky Chuck)
JohnnyChuck - Jun 7
0 replies by JohnnyChuck »»
Jun 7, 2:15 AM
NyaaTorrents is dead! (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) T_T
Ruizu - May 13
0 replies by Ruizu »»
May 13, 5:07 PM
My friend is fansubbing Tico of the Seven Seas
ExistentialUFO - Nov 28, 2015
35 replies by corwin_r »»
Apr 5, 5:34 AM
Someone could sub into english this finnish video about WMT?
Ruizu - Jan 2
0 replies by Ruizu »»
Jan 2, 10:04 AM

Club Comments
engalleons | Jun 21, 7:47 PM
I'd be willing to throw down for Little Women. Ever since I heard Meg in LW2, I knew the LW1 dub just wasn't going to be enough for me.

morshuwarrior | Jun 20, 9:25 AM
Great job on Katri! It's always so good to hear another WMT has been completely subbed. I'll be picking up the files soon enough.

I'd be willing to donate some cash, no problem. I've seen Little Women dubbed and it's definitely worth it. More people need to see it.

Matas | Jun 19, 11:11 PM
Nice! Katri was one of the ones I really wanted to watch, glad it's done.

The first Little Women is another one I was disappointed to find unsubbed so maybe I can chip in once I'm a bit more caught up financially.

vini64 | Jun 19, 10:47 AM
Everyone, subbing on Katri has finally been completed! I've created a topic above with download links and some words about the subbing. Please read it thoroughly.

Now I wanted to propose something. When I said I was paying someone to sub Katri, some people said they would help if we wanted another WMT subbed. Well, I REALLY want to watch the first Little Women and was thinking of paying this same guy who subbed Katri to sub it. But this time I wouldn't be able to handle this alone, since he would have to sub the entire series, so I would have to pay him more. I paid $200 for Katri, 33 episodes. Now we're talking about 48 episodes, so I believe the least amount I can offer him is $325.

I would like to know if there's anyone interested in helping me out with this one. I haven't watched Katri completely yet, but from the bits I checked, this guy really does a great job subbing.

Ugoki | Jun 10, 11:42 AM

Wow, it's scary how much it fits.

DFDB | May 23, 11:11 AM
You're right, the complete French version is even available on YT. All i could find in English were those 8 episodes that @lanblade mentioned, but the quality was really bad and I'd rather watch it in Japanese language with English subs.

Eldarlicious | May 19, 9:29 AM
All 49 episodes ofTom Sawyer no Bouken have been released on Bluray in france, but obviously French dubbed =((

on they have 4 bluray and 9 dvdrip eps to d/l ... rus, french and jp audio, no subs though.

lanblade | May 18, 12:36 PM
Does anyone have any more English eps of Tom Sawyer no Bouken? I have the 1 subbed ep by MJN but according to wiki it got a dub by Saban, I found ep 1-7 + 17 on a youtube channel but wondered if there were more still around. It's kind of hard to google since it's the title of the book and several movies so the results are fairly drowned out. Did it ever get a VHS or DVD release?

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