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Welcome to MAL's one and only club dedicated to The World Masterpiece Theater, a collection of childrens' anime series that ran each year from 1975 to 1997, then 2007 to 2009. Such series were usually based on classic European of American novels and stories, and are known not only for charming children the world over, but also being some of the best series out there to discerning adult fans.

Whether you've seen them all or just got sucked into a few episodes of Les Mis, please join us in discussing these fantastic anime!

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My friend is fansubbing Tico of the Seven Seas
ExistentialUFO - Nov 28, 2015
31 replies by galimx »»
12 hours ago
Someone could sub into english this finnish video about WMT?
Ruizu - Jan 2
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Jan 2, 10:04 AM
WMT series download links sharing topic ( 1 2 )
RobdeFR - Sep 4, 2009
97 replies by Eldarlicious »»
Dec 31, 2016 1:22 PM
Have You Ever Dropped a WMT show?
Firechick12012 - Oct 19, 2016
21 replies by annefan »»
Dec 21, 2016 10:28 AM
WMT references in non-WMT anime
engalleons - Jun 23, 2016
8 replies by Matas »»
Oct 18, 2016 4:43 AM

Club Comments
lanblade | Mar 3, 3:50 AM
Speaking of Ie Naki Ko, it was the first anime to use 3-D. You needed glasses to see the effect as it used the Pulfrich effect.

Go ahead and try out this tutorial:
and do what he says for the OP of the anime: BUT I CERTAINLY recommend that you do it on your Takara's copy of the anime. There's a lot of video degradation when put up for streaming, it's super crisp and pop-outy with the .mkv file.

I wish I knew about it before I watched Ie Naki Ko so that I could have worn special glasses for the whole thing. Sure most of it wasn't in 3D but there must have been some really good spots where it's just mind-blowing for a 70's anime.

galimx | Mar 2, 5:02 AM
I hope Ace wo Nerae will get fully subbed in the future. I only have Onii-sama E, Ashita no Joe (which I already read the manga) left from Dezaki. Oh and maybe Black Jack OVA.
Ie Naki Ko, Takarajima, Rose of Versailles and Ace wo Nerae were all good, with ups and downs. My favorite would probably be Ie Naki Ko. Kobayashi was on fire here, with his amazing backgrounds and art direction.

Ugoki | Mar 1, 10:53 PM
Other old anime that I watched are mostly faux-WMTs. Like that Wizard of Oz anime. It was excellent. Really wish I could find the Thumbelina anime subbed because the dub is garbage.

PaninaManina | Mar 1, 8:37 PM
Guess I already asked this before...
You Minna-san watch older anime in general, not just WMT right?
If you go to my profile you'll see that I'm watching a bunch of very old anime.
Finished Ace wo Nerae, it a crime that the second series isn't subbed yet after all these years. As a Dezaki it's a unique experience, and I had problems with what happens with one of the characters but a teacher that I asked said that back then it was a very common thing to happen in sport anime (and manga).

Didn't had the courage to watch the original Harlock, so I watched the second movie and the SSX that come after it. It was good and I think the animation was excellent for 1982.

And I found Tokimeki Tonight (also from 1982), watched one episode and loved it! It's the next one that I'll watch.

Every time I start and finish a new old anime I think, "there's not much left to watch". At least old anime that were subbed, the majority remains out of reach. It's like with WMT, you finish one and want's to watch the one that came the next years and you can't, its not subbed yet.
Liking old anime is hard for the otako.

PaninaManina | Mar 1, 6:57 PM

Ugoki | Mar 1, 12:40 PM
Dog of Flanders.

PaninaManina | Mar 1, 6:48 AM
Heidi's mind broke there, she almost died from anguish.
A few more days and she could jump from a window.
What other WMT protagonist was almost drove to madness and suicide (Lucian)?

Ugoki | Mar 1, 2:02 AM
>extreme suffering
I would only use that phrase to describe Dezaki's Ie Naki Ko.

Heidi's Frankfurt arc is sad in many places but she still has Clara.

And I think I have a fanart of older Heidi in my WMT folder.

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