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Welcome to MAL's one and only club dedicated to The World Masterpiece Theater, a collection of childrens' anime series that ran each year from 1975 to 1997, then 2007 to 2009. Such series were usually based on classic European of American novels and stories, and are known not only for charming children the world over, but also being some of the best series out there to discerning adult fans.

Whether you've seen them all or just got sucked into a few episodes of Les Mis, please join us in discussing these fantastic anime!

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My friend is fansubbing Tico of the Seven Seas
ExistentialUFO - Nov 28, 2015
41 replies by lanblade »»
Sep 17, 10:50 PM
Katri, Girl of the Meadows (FULLY SUBBED)
vini64 - Jun 19
26 replies by Dagger »»
Aug 21, 1:19 PM
Editors (JP) for Fables (Rocky Chuck)
JohnnyChuck - Jun 7
0 replies by JohnnyChuck »»
Jun 7, 2:15 AM
NyaaTorrents is dead! (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) T_T
Ruizu - May 13
0 replies by Ruizu »»
May 13, 5:07 PM
Someone could sub into english this finnish video about WMT?
Ruizu - Jan 2
0 replies by Ruizu »»
Jan 2, 10:04 AM

Club Comments
lanblade | Oct 26, 3:20 AM
So...uh...Nanatsu no Umi no Tico just had its full English dub uploaded to Nyaa.

Akai_Shuichi | Sep 12, 5:13 PM
Oh, almost forgot... Porphy also happens to have one of my favorite WMT openings, along with Romeo

Akai_Shuichi | Sep 12, 5:04 PM
I began watching Porphy a couple days ago... the series got me and didn't let go until the end. One more fantastic work for the WMT.

If I'm correct, now it's 15 WMT series down, 5 subbed series to go (without counting subs in progress).

Oh, by the way, if I'm correct, then that means that thanks to the effort here with Tico and Katri, we now finally have 20 subbed WMT series available!

PaninaManina | Sep 9, 6:39 AM
You can still find good new anime.
Did you notice this new trend of monster girls? Amazingly enough there good things among those... monstrosities. I recommend Interviews with Monster Girls, I didn't believe in how well intentioned that anime was.

But giving what you asked, you could watch Non Non Biyori, or even Barakamon.
And of course there's always Aria.

deep3anime | Sep 6, 9:19 PM
Thanks vini64 for your reply.

Akai_Shuichi | Sep 6, 4:09 PM
Oh, and about the recommendation, how about trying Hanada Shounen-shi?

vini64 | Sep 6, 3:51 PM

I would've recommend Ghibli films for you, but I checked your list and you watched most of them. I would also recommend Cardcaptor Sakura and Little Witch Academia, both of which I watched recently and became favorites of mine because of their inspiring content, relatable well-developed characters and overall happiness they provide you, but you also watched them, so I'm out of luck :P

Akai_Shuichi | Sep 6, 3:28 PM
I actually enjoyed the whole series. And it was the kind of series I would've probably been fine watching 100 episodes more... I kinda just liked watching Katri going through life.

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