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The PlayStation Players Club was created to unite PlayStation Console and Handheld Gamers on MAL. Here you can discuss your favorite games, trade PSN IDs for Online Play, share gaming strategies and so much more. PS4 Pro: The Ultimate FAQ (Click Me) PlayStation VR: The Ultimate FAQ (Click Me)

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Nuge - Aug 13, 2007
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May 10, 10:46 AM

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JVskunkape | 40 seconds ago

I've bought some second hand games from CeX, from Game I usually buy new, a couple times their prices have been pretty competitive sometimes even cheaper than the games are on Amazon.

Afuchar | 5 minutes ago

Never used the sell option. But yeah, that thing about getting low price is the same everywhere. In GAME is absolutely the same.

The thing is, GAME doesn't care at all for missing stuff in their products, or even if the boxes or cover are broken. I hate that part of the business.

NexivsSelecaf | 17 minutes ago
@-Izanagi: Actually, setting my ire aside towards... well, pretty much everything I quoted, though specifically your seemingly misguided metrics for measuring and predicting hardware performance... you're getting married with the assumption of being a family man, so I guess your kids can have your space PCs so you can play games with them.

JVskunkape | 1 hour ago

Yeah there's only certain games I buy on release. I do wait on a lot of titles for discounts or cheaper complete versions but second hand I only buy occasionally. I used to pre order a lot of games I know I'd want like Tekken, FF etc. but I don't really pre order any more after Dissidia NT really let me down. Wasn't close to as good as it's predecessors and I expected so much more. The point being there are a few games I buy day 1 full price rather than wait, but others I'm happy to wait for :))

I sold music magpie a whole load of old cd's, dvd's & games a while back I remember they really lowball you so you don't get much but they take almost anything and come to your door to collect it so it's really convenient way to say stuff but you don't get much for it haha. Will check out what they have for sale on eBay

Afuchar | 2 hours ago

Mmm, ever thought of buying second-hand? I mean, MusicMagpie is a good place and it's in UK, so it would be pretty fast.

I use Ebay, but you could probably buy directly from their site. They assure complete games (case, cover, manual all the stuff) or they would partially refund you. And they are pretty mint condition, I don't buy otherwise.

Even if you don't buy second-hand, if you wait a bit before purchasing games you'll probably get complete versions or discounted copies.

JVskunkape | 4 hours ago

I mean I guess it's too much but I buy a lot of games and I play them almost exclusively on consoles, I was probably exaggerating a little but I know I've sunk over £1k on my Nintendo switch already, probably nearer to 2. If I actually sat down and did the math for all the PS4 games I've bought I know it wouldn't be pretty, that's not to even mention all my other consoles. I know if I had a tracker that told me how much I spent on gaming per month or year, it wouldn't be pretty.

I do like a excessive amount of tabs hmmm, trust me I will let you know when I start, I haven't gotten to 13 yet :s

-Izanagi | 4 hours ago
@NexivsSelecaf: Why is that?

I actually put lots of thought into it. My ultimate gaming rigs.


Afuchar | 4 hours ago

Welcome to hell. There's beer.


On another note, Darklurker to go, then sunlight medal farming and 1.5 NGs and I'll be fucking finished. God, what a nightmare. Why do I do this to myself again? Hexer is still awesome... but I hit next to nothing with miracles and sorceries. Meh <_<


Well no, I don't consider myself a pleb either. But... thousands of $$ isn't too much? (I know you mean pounds, I just have the $ or the € available rn.)

You never know what you'll use the PC for. I mean, you don't necessarily need Steam. You can do video editing, or heavy gaming just with a couple games, or even open 100+ tabs on your browser *shrugs* A good PC is a good investment.

How's that gaming doing, btw? You almost promised me updates on 13 and I haven't got a thing e,e

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