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This club was created, so people can openly discuss and learn about one of the smartest ninjas in Konoha.

Nara Shikamaru is one out of many characters that stand out in the series, Naruto. With an IQ over 200, he can quickly come up with plans to distract or defeat an enemy. Though he has a tendency to be lazy, he can follow out any command and will be there for his comrades.



*This club is just getting started, I'm going to add more stuff about our beloved Shikimaru later ^ ^. If you think I should improve something or have advice, please feel free to comment.* THANK YOU =] =D =P ~Naz

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What a drag! So troublesome!
Ichiru-Hiokami - Jun 25, 2013
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nice job...

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I wuv Shikamaru!! xD

My super ninja baby!!! x]]
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