This club is dedicated to dark ambient & neoclassical cellist/singer Kanon Wakeshima. Discuss about her works, both musically and graphically (yes she draws) here.

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What do you like about Kanon Wakeshima?
katzenjammer - Apr 13, 2009
11 replies by gray-samaxlove »»
Jan 6, 2013 12:16 AM
Fave Kanon Wakeshima song?
Ichimaru-senpai - Apr 10, 2010
3 replies by JnMegami »»
Dec 31, 2012 11:28 PM
Kanon Wakeshima PVs!
Marco-Kun - May 21, 2010
0 replies by Marco-Kun »»
May 21, 2010 3:16 PM

Club Comments
Dodecahedron-O24 | Jul 31, 2015 10:06 AM
We need to wake up this place!!


Faisa_Dragon | Apr 8, 2011 6:40 AM
i just joined~

I LOVE Kanon Wakeshima's work, her voice is beautiful!! <3

Marco-Kun | May 21, 2010 3:18 PM
I posted both the PVs in a thread! =D

Marco-Kun | May 16, 2010 5:37 AM
Yaaa I am very excited about it!! It will definitely be added to my Kanon Wakeshima collection! <3

28 July! Kyaaa! =D Oh I sound like a fangirl now ^^" lol

hei_xin | May 16, 2010 4:12 AM
Woooow!! It's so great! I can't wait!! Thank you Marco-kun ^^

Marco-Kun | May 15, 2010 8:00 PM
Hey everyone!! I just joined this club! I never searched for a club before .. I love Kanon Wakeshima though .. She is on my profile as well! =3

Anyways! Big news! Her 2nd album is on its way!
I will DEFINITELY buy it when it comes out! =D I can't wait!

Toumei no Kagi will definitely be a song featured on this album!!

hei_xin | Mar 6, 2010 12:36 PM
That song is really great, I can't wait for full version! :D

cellist_anime | Feb 1, 2010 2:51 PM
Yeah, my classmate told me about that. He was trying to find out the name of the song and he asked me if I knew and I totally thought he was talking about songs from her most recent album Shinshoku Dolce. [He played Avalon.] [The game that song is played in.] http://www.jrocktv.com/news/9 Thanks for the vid, btw.

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