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Insomnia - is a symptom[1] of a sleeping disorder characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep despite the opportunity. Insomnia is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease. By definition, insomnia is "difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or both" and it may be due to inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. It is typically followed by functional impairment while awake. Insomniacs have been known to complain about being unable to close their eyes or "rest their mind" for more than a few minutes at a time. Both organic and non-organic insomnia constitute a sleep disorder.[2]

Club Insomnia, is somewhat relating to the term described above. But there is more to it than a definition. What Club Insomnia relates to is the undying, unwavering, beastmodedness of the lost few... of Zama, Japan. Founded as a haven for WoW players from a DODDEA School overseas, it was a born tradition to carry on the name throughout any path in our life, even past WoW. It instills a symbolism of camaraderie of only the few who were chosen. lulage

In an easier term, Club Insomnia is for those that were in Zama and Atsugi, Japan, during the reigning years of glory (2004-2007).


Asuka Langley Soryu (惣流・アスカ・ラングレー)
Asuka Langley Sorhyu is Second Children, who pilots Evangelion Unit 02. She is from Germany, but with an American father and a half-German, half-Japanese mother. Her mother, Kyoko Zeppelin Sorhyu, went insane after an Eva-related experiment and began to believe that a doll that resembled Asuka was, in fact, her daughter, to the point that she refused to even acknowledge the real Asuka. Kyoko Zeppelin Sorhyu committed suicide on the very day that Asuka was chosen to become an Eva pilot. On that day, Asuka promised herself that she would never cry again. This event gives her an innate hatred of dolls and all things that she perceives to be doll-like, especially Rei. Asuka's father later remarried a woman for whom Asuka feels no affection. Asuka feels the need to verbally and sometimes physically lash out at everyone around her, except to her sole friend, Hikari, and her unrequited crush, Kaji, who is Misato's ex-boyfriend and more than twice Asuka's age. On her better days, however, she can be quite cheerful and friendly. (MAL Character Info)

Asuka Langley Tsun-tsun-tsundere?! (Pics!)


Lucy (ルーシー)
Lucy is a teenage diclonius girl, around 18 years old and the central protagonist/antagonist of the series. Lucy has four vectors with a limited range of about two meters. However, she can be swift and lethal within that range, and will use any nearby objects as high velocity projectiles to kill at greater distances. She is also capable of stopping or deflecting most standard ammunition when she concentrates on the task. (MAL Character Info)

Nyu (にゅう)
Nyu is a split personality of Lucy that developed after a .50 BMG round pierces the metallic helmet encasing her head. Nyu has a childlike personality and infantile knowledge of the world, and lacks spoken language skills, being able to say only "Nyu" and "Kohta" most of the time. Near the end of the anime, she develops a wider vocabulary, with the ability to say phrases like "Don't cry, Kohta!". Nyu is innocent and incapable of violent acts, a foil to the normally cold and sadistic Lucy; she is the manifestation of her "good side". When Nyu is attacked violently (or hit on the head), she regresses into Lucy; likewise, when Lucy is treated with love and kindness, or wants to hide herself from Kohta, she will change back into Nyu. While Nyu exists first due to trauma, it is believed that Lucy subconsciously encourages her presence due to her feelings of guilt towards Kohta and to prevent her from harming him (directly or indirectly). In the manga, this is confirmed by Lucy herself. (MAL Character Info)

Lucy "Nyu" Tsun-tsun-tsundere?! (Pics!)


Revy (レヴィ)
Revy (Rebecca) does most of the fighting for Lagoon Company. She is of Chinese/American descent and grew up in New York City, spending most of her youth as a thief and murderer. She still bleaved in the world until one night the New York cops beat her for no reasion. Revy is very competitive, easily bored, and quick to anger. Her skill with firearms and ability to dodge bullets seem superhuman. (MAL Character Info)

Revy Tsun-tsun-tsundere?! (Pics!)


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